Meeting Ed and JHH

He told me about his twins – a boy, Sam, and a girl, whose name I can’t remember. They were born spring last year about 2 months premature! The doctors managed to keep them alive and healthy, BUT, at the hospital in Elmira; the one in Ithaca couldn’t do much/didn’t have the requisite technology for incubation etc., which meant that he had to schlep out to Elmira every day last spring – thank goodness the winter last year was mild! Their mum, somewhat unsurprisingly, is MAH, and they are not married but Ed says they may decide to get married one day, no one knows. I will be thrilled when that happens, but I am already thrilled at the idea of him and twins in addition to his ferrets. I wonder if the ferrets are still there and how they are taking to the babies!

He told me that some Indian guys were looking at the exact same sort of thing I was studying at Cornell, but they did it for infinite dimensions and also got published in JCT Series A! Bah. You can find the article for free on arvicks, as one of Lz’s colleagues call it :P
He still likes green (there were a tremendous number of girls walking into his math class at Cornell wearing green pullovers – perhaps he released some extra credit dress code?

I gave him the pandan cake I made, which he kept in the mini fridge. I’ve never really seen him eat anything I’ve made but he’s usually pretty excited about the chocolate desserts.

He told me UWashington (or Udub, as they call it – first time I found out it was called that) had a good program, and told me about all the people he knew there and asked me where else I was visiting. I told him I was going to Colorado and he told me the story about how once upon a time, when the school had just started, it had one of the best football programs in the country; then there was a scandal (them violating the rules about high school student recruitment – Ed says there are long and tortuous rules about what is allowed/disallowed in recruitment practices for high school seniors – like obviously you cannot just give them money to go to your school, but various alumni had found various ways around it – like giving talented athletes cars, paying their rent, all “off the record” since they were alumni and whatever they choose to give is somewhat out of the school’s jurisdiction. So CUBoulder had a scandal w.r.t recruitment and the football program never really recovered from that – Ed told me that at the heights of their success though, there is a well known joke that the football team manager/coach had said to the physics department head (they are just opposite each other on campus) that he hoped that the physics program would one day be as successful as the football program. Ha! The CU Boulder physics program has 4 nobel prize winners now, and Rags is going to be working with one of them!

Ed left at about 4:15pm to go back to his babies – he actually lives walking distance from campus – about a 15-30 minute walk, but I’ve never seen him walking home before. Probably up by Forest home or Cayuga Heights?

And then I asked him if JHH was at Cornell this semester or in Provence, and he said the last time he’d seen him was at the faculty meeting last December lol. So I decided to try my luck on the 4th floor, and he was in! In fact he was meeting another grad student. When he finally noticed me (I was skulking by the door so as not to interrupt his train of thought) he immediately stopped whatever he was doing to talk to me. (The graduate student didn’t mind one bit) I asked him if he would like me to obtain my company’s corporate pass to the River Safari and he very proudly said he’s been to the zoo and the Bird park but not to the River Safari (neither have I for that matter). His daughter, her husband, her son, and a domestic helper are all living in the Western bit of Singapore right now because she’s a professor at NTU. He then showed me stop motion vimeo clips his daughter filmed in Nepal (his graduate student was trying very hard not to eavesdrop :P). The weather here really is too hot and muggy for a spring break! Plus he is going to talk at the colloquium at NTU :S Hopefully they paid for his plane ticket or something :P



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