Day 4 in Ithaca (5th Mar)

We got up late (finally over jet lag perhaps?). Chris and Rich surprised me in my room with a card and a present (a Terry’s dark chocolate orange!) and a birthday song, sung in parts! Rich is actually a pretty good bass! It’s a birthday tradition for them to call up the birthday person in question and sing them the birthday song, which is such a sweet, old-couply thing to do.

We had breakfast with them- english muffins with almond butter and homemade blueberry jam – she should really open a B&B. LZ and I finished the remnants of the cheese steak from Louie’s the night before and I also prepared some burrata with campari tomatoes (not really breakfast food but we’re on vacation so anything goes!) – obviously we didn’t have space for lunch afterward.

After breakfast we lazed about the house for a bit (no more snow for the rest of our time in Ithaca, so no more shovelling!) before Ze and I left for the chimes tower to try to crash IK’s concert. Turns out silent auditions were on the same day! (I’m glad I’m not competing this year :P) so I couldn’t go up to practice. Wound up waiting on the guestbook level with Barrett – no idea what BHS was doing there – I thought he was crashing the concert too but KKC/IK/WC had already agreed to play the trio – can’t wait for the day when we actually have to specify which trio and the trio will lose its meaning. Anyway that day was possibly the first time a Cornell Daily Sun reporter came up for a concert I was playing, and so I got featured on the CU facebook page!


For the first and only time haha but it was still pretty cool. Have to thank WC for allowing me to sub her in the trio :P It was really nice to have everyone around and to hear chimes gossip lol. Apparently XX tried out again after getting rejected the previous year… and got rejected again. Yikes! I’m glad I never had the job of rejecting people! Also glad I’ve never been rejected from super major things, like by boys, or by grad schools, or by the chimes..zzz

Anyway after the concert Lz and I went up to the belfry and… he proposed! It was quite a sweetly worded proposal with a silver sailor’s knot ring hidden in a boxology box. He actually wanted Chris to be there but she was pottering around the belfry remarking on the view and the bells and the cold – he couldn’t catch a break to get his speech out until she went downstairs to get warm lol! I guess she was never one to be quiet.

[the ring with Chris’ parking coupon]

I was very happy he chose the top of the tower to do so, since that was also where he asked me to be his girlfriend on a cold winter’s night 4 years ago after some musical in the Schwartz. Soliloquys? Or something like that. So I got engaged on my birthday! Actually I had some premonition it was going to happen because while leaving Chris’ house I looked in the car’s arm rest to look for the bottled water and I saw the Kate Spade box and he was crestfallen cause it was too late to stop me haha what a noob.

Anyway after it happened we called Chris and she pulled over to the side of the road while driving home and was really excited and happy. ANd then we didn’t bother telling anyone else and went to shop at 15 steps in the commons :D I bought so many pieces of pottery and a memo pad with New Yorker cartoons.

[this Irish patterned sugar bowl was half off!]

[this one I couldn’t resist :P]

I’ve missed the Commons so much, and 15 steps is such an old person’s shop but I somehow can’t help myself from buying everything when I’m there. Most college students haven’t even heard of it. We also headed to Sarah’s Patisserie (which seems quite new) to kaypoh since I’d never been in before. We got a bunch of truffles and macarons and a chocolate dome for dessert, in case Chris didn’t have time to do dessert (she was making Southern fried chicken for my birthday!)

Because of the humongous breakfast, we didn’t have much space for lunch and took away two cups of soup from Kilpatrick’s – their Guiness stew and tomato bisque with cheddar, which is amazing btw. Warms you right up. I ate in the car while LZ drove me to Malott to find Ed, just like old times :)



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