Busy busy busy

This have been really busy at work, hence I haven’t had time to transcribe Day 4 in Ithaca to this blog :P Day 4 was when everything happened at once, part of which will explain my current busyness in the evenings!

We printed a bunch of snaps from our trip yesterday at the Fujifilm in Ghim Moh at 30c per 4R photo. Most of them look really good, but some of our Seattle shots are little dark. They are going to go in a photo book I got from Prints a long time ago which has black pages as well as translucent sheets between the pages to protect the printed photographs.

This one I did of random black and white photos I took.

Like this of Arlington Cemetery.

Our evenings are spent having dinner with friends and family, booking farm stays in Tuscany (we’re going in May), and looking for a good venue for our wedding dinner. I’ve barely had time for anything else! Can’t wait for the weekend and for my current deliverable to be over. Still, I can’t complain. I’m not staying back late or anything – my project lead stayed till 9+pm yesterday (or at least she came in at night to check her email and stuff?!). I just don’t have as much free time at work hahah.

Hubbard is coming next week! Fun times. We are going to the River Safari, but a project review is scheduled for the same day we are planning to go :S so I’ll have to see how to reschedule it or something.



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