Chocolate and Zucchini

Just found this interesting blog (Chocolate & Zucchini), courtesy of Gracia, which has this amazing looking apple tarte fine on the front. She also likes to put links to interesting sites she’s visited! And I find nearly all the sites she’s visited interesting.

Here’s what London Underground tube stations taste like. I didn’t even know there was a disorder that allows you to taste places.

Baker Street
Baker Street is lovely. The best way to describe it is crusty and sweet, like jam roly-poly but slightly burnt. It has got loads of different tastes and textures. I love getting off there.

This reminds me: I just bought a Bialetti Moka Express from Amazon for just $28. It’s something like 27 euros in Italy, so I think I got a fair deal, plus it’s being shipped free. Now I can make my own coffee! Apparently you can’t do it with over chlorinated water though, one has to do it with boiled water so you don’t spoil the chrome finish. I’m pretty excited to have my own Moka! How it works is you sort of pat down the coffee grounds in the middle compartment, fill the bottom with your non-chlorinated water, and put the whole thing on a stove on low heat. The heat will evaporated the water, sending the steam through the coffee grounds, up through an inverted funnel tube, and condense in the upper most container. Then you serve it with hot milk. I got the 6 cup bialetti (6 espresso cups). Maif brought it back with her and it makes excellent coffee. One has to do make it again and again for the best coffee though, and I’m not real good at using my equipment frequently; my cast iron pan is getting a bit sticky and weird at present probably due to improper washing.

The cutest little teabag cookies. I HAVE to make this for Chris. Too bad there’s no time left!!!

Apparently the SATs do not stand for anything at all. I always thought it stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test, but I just learnt that that name was changed to Scholastic Assessment Test, and now it means nothing at all ever since Kaplan (originally a high school tutor), found a way to coach students on the SATs, thus making it no longer quite about “aptitude” as the board originally had people believe. Back then people were told that there was no way to study for it. If this were still true today, I think Singaporeans would flood the Ivy League. When most of us took the SATs after junior college the general test was largely considered to be a joke and a money making scheme by whoever was administering it (ets?). It was so expensive (our school exams were free up to then, except for the A levels, which weren’t very expensive), and the level of aptitude being tested was so low you didn’t feel like it proved anything/you got your money’s worth. The math questions were so elementary, and we’d never heard of an exam when you could still get “full marks” even if you got some questions wrong. What is this mystically easy marker of scholastic achievement being propagated in the West? Of course we all still applied because the liberal arts system is pretty awesome, and well, the local university is practically unknown. The article details how a working mum (in a bid to get her son to study for his SAT) starts taking a succession of tests to see what kind of prerp will best boost her score.

This Anticafe is such a great idea for a startup. Probably not a long term solution considering it costs 200 euros per person – I wonder how much $$ it takes to keep me happy in my cubicle with the wifi and power and air conditioning per month. Would it be 200 euros? There are no free drinks/apples/muffins here though, unlike in Lz’s office.



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