We went to the florist (Ji Mei) at Far East Flora in Thomson to get some flowers for Ps Carol’s ordination. She got a lot of flowers! But I was happy to pass her a bouquet for picture taking (forgot to make one side lower so they’d show up in the photos)

Made an arrangement of pink roses with peacock flowers and monsteria ferns. Actually I was just copying one of the arrangements in the shop but with some embellishment. Ji Mei is a great florist in that they provide all the materials you need, from the gauzy wrapping to the leafy fillers. The lime green filler was a little on the expensive side (not sure if I was charged correctly) at $12.50. Dethorning the roses was a pain! I didn’t know they had a machine for that. I just snipped the thorns off with a small black nail scissors, and removed all the browning petals. Here’s some trivia for you: It takes only 1 hr in a hot car in the sun for a rose petal to completely dehydrate into potpourri.

Since we were at the florist, I made two other arrangements, one for Gracia for her birthday, supported by a huge amaryllis in the middle:

And accompanied by the scholtzia – pretty pink buds that kinda scattered every which way as they fell off. These flowers were imported from China. The amaryllis browned pretty quickly!

The last arrangement was a carnation spray for my grandma. Here it is in the black Ff glass. Most of the carnations are not open yet so I guess they’ll be really pretty round about now.

I realize the first time I even dabbled in flower arrangement was at Wegman’s, where the flower section is right between the fresh produce and the milk and you can’t help but stop by and look at all the pretty flowers that are so much cheaper there than in Singapore. Wegman’s really is a formative experience.

Also, I found my phone! I’m really happy about it, because the little kimono phone strap was the last of its pattern in Muji and I won’t be able to replace that. LZ actually already got a replacement phone for me and I suppose I’ll have to use up that credit. It’ll come in handy if/when I lose my phone again :P



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