This Quora answer on introversion is great.

The point that totally gets me is:

I feel claustrophobic when people ask me on Monday AM what I did that weekend, because:
1. I hate small talk and feel trapped by this inane question

Why do people still ask this question??? It’s one thing if you’re segueing into something more interesting because I haven’t met you in months, but to just open with “what did you do over the weekend?” is freaking boring. More often than not, you are not interested. If I tell you I baked something, you have no intelligent discourse to offer on this, not knowing how to bake. If I tell you I played cards with friends, you aren’t interested in that either.

Which is why I cut my losses and eat with my boyfriend who I actually like instead of my colleagues who like to make small talk.

Oh shit this is seriously embarrassing. I think our entire country should go crawl in a hole and hide there now.

This MIT Integration Bee is cute so cute. I would totally wear that hat to class everyday.

And this Lego photographer is as cute as what have you. I think Lars and Olaf (as figurines) are better designed, but this is a pretty great concept! Speaking of which a guy offered to sell me his 2nd hand Canon 7D yesterday for $2000. To accept or not to accept? No lenses included I think but he may throw one in.



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