Fat Pig

We went to see Fat Pig yesterday thanks to the complimentary front row seats I got by being a friend of Pangdemonium. The play by Neil Labute was pretty funny/real, although I thought the ending was somewhat unsatisfactory. I mean their execution couldn’t be better – all the actors were really emotive and articulate, and I couldn’t even tell Frances Lee had a fat suit on until the cast came out of the theatre after the performance! Props to the make-up team! I’d highly recommend it (I think it runs till maybe the first week of March or so?) if you’d like to take a good hard look at the shallowness that pervades relationship culture in general.

The language in the play is pretty coarse, but somehow it doesn’t really achieve an intimidating feel, like each time a vulgarity was hurled out the actors seemed more guilty than genuinely pissed off and scary. Their accent management was pretty good though (not as good as the Next to Normal cast though) but I couldn’t tell what their native accent was (as in which sub accent in the pool of Singaporean accents they had) although you could definitely tell they were not americans or anything. It’s necessary to retain a bit of a local lilt (say the RI accent) so that the audience can generally understand what you say without straining. It was a commendable performance by all.

We arrived five minutes late to the theatre because I actually thought it was at the Drama Centre (I thought the National library theatre was called the DBS arts centre.. Newflash: It’s not) So we actually arrived at the National library about 20 minutes before the performance, and realized that there were no posters/flowers/anybody there at all, which was when we had the brilliant idea of asking the Sistic box office there if that was called the DBS Arts Centre. And then there was a 10 minute flurry of looking for wifi in the National Library, connecting to Wirelass@sg (why does it not connect you automatically yet???), looking up WHERE The DBS Arts Centre was exactly on the map (somewhere at Clarke Quay – excellent, we can still make it if we hurry), flagging a cab on Middle Road outside the national library, trying to explain where the DBS arts centre was to the cabbie who sounded somewhat clueless but finally giving up and just directing him via the gps on the ipad. The cabbie wasn’t so clueless after all as he knew that you cannot turn right onto River Valley Road from Victoria Street, you have to turn left and do a small roundabout thing to get onto River Valley Road.I have no idea what I would do without a smart device in this situation – we’d be totally screwed. I don’t so much mind being late or missing the entire show/buying a new ticket, but these tickets were complimentary and the ticketing agent was so nice as to give me front row seats for the sunday matinee – to not show up would be tremendously insulting to them, because they could have sold those seats to someone else, no problem, and why would I ask for tickets to a time slot I cannot make?? One does not simply stand up front row tickets. So the cab got slightly lost (dropped us between Merbau road and Mohd Sultan road) and we had to walk to the theatre for a bit, but when we finally arrived (only 5 minutes late), the show had already started :( So we had to wait for the first scene to be over, and were instructed by the FOH to scooch stealthily down to the front since we were in the front row :S which was super embarrassing. As if that was not bad enough, there were these two boxy, all-black speakers right at the front row jutting out from the stage that we both scooched right into, of course, everything being pitch black inbetween scenes. My arm was black and blue afterward.

It was pretty stressful! I guess that’ll teach me to look up the program venue earlier. We actually arrived at City Hall around 2:00pm and could have totally made it there with time to spare had I not assumed it would have been in the same theatre as Next to Normal.

*This post was scheduled about a week in advance. By this time now we will be in Waterloo, ON!



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