At the zoo

A bearded dragon kept outside the australian exhibit. We met a Cornellian doing study abroad at NUS on valentines day who used to keep a bearded dragon and a tarantula. Needless to say he also used to stay in the Eco House :P

I also spotted this Pied Imperial Pigeon in the Fragile Forest. Unfortunately, Fabio didn’t make it in time to see this. It’s the best part! After the boat anyway. The zoo has a boat now btw, that takes from somewhere near the entrance to somewhere near the tip at $5 one way, $6 for unlimited rides. Since we were lazy before Fabio joined us we took quite a few rides up and down that stretch in Upper Seletar Reservoir.

It’s a pretty awesome ride. I’ve been to Upper Seletar many times when I was young (it’s where I learnt to cycle, and it’s excellent for that because of the extremely long stretches of road there).

You can see the forest up close. On the ride back we even spotted some white bellied sea eagles circling the air.

I have no idea what the purpose of this shack is. Doesn’t seem like it belongs to the zoo either.

Here’s a water monitor lizard we saw gliding in the water. It was freaking enormous. I wouldn’t want to cross these creatures. They’re like mini crocodiles or something.

This is what the boat looked like. The number of life jackets on the boat were not exactly reassuring.

Signs at the zoo

Sex ed for kids! This was pretty hilarious.

The person who wrote this must have been reading Overly Honest Methods.

This is somewhat depressing. So in those times I would have been worth perhaps 80 rashers of bacon. Wonder what people want with cassowary chicks though. Those things do NOT look nice to eat.

And the award for the most banal name ever for an animal. Such companies should not be allowed to adopt animals. Fun fact: Adopting a herbivorous animal is much cheaper than adopting a carnivorous one. Adopting an animal also gets you corporate passes to the night safari :P

The zoo recently installed a dilapidated hovel in the Kids’ World section to show them what life was like in the 90s. I think some people may still live like this, but it’s a pretty big eye opener even for me.

Kettles and tingkats of all shapes and sizes. I think aluminium is one of the lightest and most durable metals for cookware. Don’t bother with your wmf etc.

A super old school fan, rust and all. Actually I think all the household objects in 80s singapore can lend a place a certain charm, and whoever’s in charge of this exhibit did an excellent job finding the vintage pieces and curating it in general.

A washing board for clothes. Wow. Actually I think my grandparents’ generation still washes clothes like this. In my generation, I suspect clothes pegs will go out of fashion (unless we’re talking about the vintage kind used to string up photos and stuff). I’m pretty sure I’ll get a washer dryer (they build them into the same machine nowadays). Hanging up clothes is back breaking work! Especially since new apartments nowadays do not have big, sunny, balconies for one to dry laundry with.

I managed to get ONE good photo (out of 9237468752 tries) of the couple. I am solely responsible for their happiness :P

A butterfly we saw in the Fragile Forest. I’ve promptly forgotten all their names. Malayan Tree Nymph or something (omg google tells me I’m right!) One of my favourite parts of the zoo is the Fragile Forest because of all the insects and flying foxes and the victoria crowned pigeons and the intelligent looking lemurs:

I don’t know, I’m just not the sort to appreciate apes and baboons etc. Reptiles and insects are more my thing. Another of my favourites is the snake exhibit and the giant tortoise exhibit. Those tortoises are older than me!

We left at 5:30pm and were super tired and sticky! Fabio drove us home his father in law’s audi and it was a pretty sweet ride. The only downside is I seem to have misplaced my phone after that day (it’s been a week). No real worries since my phone is pretty easily replaceable (I have already replaced it. I can buy 20 of my phones for the same price some of you kids pay for your phones) but the real hassle is changing my number. I haven’t lost my phone for more than a year and nobody bothers to contact me, but once I lose it everyone decides to text me at once. I can’t for the life of me remember where it could have been (tt’s the problem when you stay in too many places). Could be in Din Tai Fung, could be in the audi, could be anywhere really, and the battery is flat so calling it doesn’t do anything. It’s the kind of phone that nobody will really want to steal though, and I just learnt that apparently if you pick up a phone and ignore subsequent calls to the phone made by the owner to retrieve his phone and you are found out, you can be fined! So finders keepers is not applicable in Singapore :S



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