On school funding
I like Janice Heng’s article best. This one, not so much. The main reason I dislike this article is because of its stupid anecdote about an “elite” school student questioning her teacher for thanking a driver who “gave” way to her outside the school, since it was the teacher’s right of way anyway. What’s stupid about the anecdote is that I don’t think this “thank him for what, it’s my right of way what” mentality is limited to “elite” schools. I really don’t see it being a distinguisher of what kind of school a student comes from. You think a neighbourhood school student is apt to be more courteous and less entitled when it comes to traffic rules?
Get a clue.

Another thing that pissed me off today is all the comments on S’s status about how he doesn’t believe in christian superstars. To be fair, he did list some names in the first comment (including the pope, and well, LK), which provoked some people to post long, homophobic, irrelevant comments on the status. I don’t know if I should jump in to the fray to argue with these christian bigots or just silently ‘like’ his status like all his other supporters. He is not able to use stronger/judgmental language on account on being a pastor, but I have no such reputation to uphold. Right now it seems as though he’s swimming against the tide because only people who strongly disagree with his statement comment on it. One comment by a reverend sounded like a misguided faction of his flock, whereas another comment by a member of his flock tried to preach at him about something completely tangential and badly argued. Is it that difficult for the average person in Singapore to be relevant and not let their (usually pretty dumb) emotions take over their facebook personas?




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