Picnic at the zoo

I brought Ms and F to the zoo on Saturday on the company’s corporate pass (it was F’s first time) and we had a great time. We planned to bring a picnic there (the only food available in the place is KFC -.- which is also overpriced because of its monopoly on zoo food. I remember when it used to be A&W (so much better!).

So on saturday morning I baked 4 quiches (bacon and onion), like the tart flambee we had at Chez Petit Salut.

Had some fresh dill lying about the kitchen – I think my mum cut some from her dill plants the night before so that went in.

In these little tins so they wouldn’t fall apart with all the walking (there wasn’t a whole lot) – turns out the quiches stuck firmly to the tins in the end despite my spraying them liberally with pam. I suspect it’s cause quite a bit of the egg custard mixture sopped out over the crusts, which I blind baked the night before.

Here’s the finished product. It was delicious, although I would have preferred more egg custard and less filling. Still, the onions and bacon were really nice.

I also made a little lemon loaf (Nigella Lawson’s recipe) with two Turkish lemons. It’s amazing what kind of flavour the grated zest of a lemon can impart – the loaf was amazingly lemony – and I’d thought I needed to add juice to the recipe to up the lemoniness in the past – Don’t. It ruins the recipe.

Don’t you like my flower arrangement in the background? It was only $8 from Cold Storage and the black vase is from my latest shopping trip to Ff.

Fabio made two pea frittatas – somewhat like my quiche but without cheese and replacing the bacon with peas. They were really fresh tasting – we almost finished both!

We also brought four cans of his beloved san pellegrino – NTUC had this chinotto flavour which was really intriguing – no fruit listed! Just citrus flavoured. It was weird. F really loves it though – apparently he grew up drinking that in Italy. Msee and I thought it was rather…medicinal.

Will post actual pictures of animals and stuff on a later date :P



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