After he got an anniversary present from me (a CD by Hiroshi Masuda which grants full access to scores/tabs of his arrangements online) we actually had the following conversation:

LZ: This year.. I think we don’t give each other anniversary presents lah har?
LZ: Oh ya hor!

His premise is that y’know, our anniversary is so close to Valentines which is so close to my birthday (NOT) that there are too many presents he has to think of.

It’s not very hard, I think I’m quite easily satisfied especially when I get to pick my presents :P

Things are somewhat in a whirlwind now as we plan our visits. Schools are taking awhile to reply, some of which don’t really expect you to visit them (and have no funding for that either). Leave has been approved but flights have not yet been booked because of the uncertainty of everything (exactly where we’ll be at different times), which is leaving LZ pretty stressed. I’m not sponsored by my company to visit anyone so I’m just relying on the school’s sponsorship and don’t have to justify anything or write a trip report to get a per diem, so bizarrely I’m a lot less stressed than he is. We hope to book our tickets pretty soon though (at least the one across the atlantic) before prices rise and everything. He also has plenty of work stuff to settle before leaving (unlike myself :P I just have to get certain tasks done, but I don’t have any big deliverables etc. due anytime soon) so it’s a lot easier for me to just sort of sneak off ^^



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