Pineapple tarts

As per CNY tradition, we made pineapple tarts again this year, only my mum used up a humongous quantity of jam to make one batch of butter-less pineapple tarts. What on earth does that even mean!? Butterless. Tsk. She felt bad that my brother couldn’t eat anything cause of his lactose intolerance. I think not eating tarts made with butter is better than having to eat tarts made without butter.

This was the dairy-free batch. Looks good, but tasted like crap.

Here I am with the proper batch. It was a whole family affair – my dad and mum bought the pineapples, blended them to make the jam, my mum made the pastry, I rolled it into sheets to chill, my dad punched out tart shapes with the pastry cutter, my mum rolled the jam into balls, and then LZ plonked them into the wells

while I made the little lattice decorations on top.

Here they are baking in the oven:

Twenty minutes to deliciousness.

And out of the oven:

They are freaking amazing! I haven’t had any pineapple tarts as good as my mum’s, like, ever. Definitely none of those “professional” bakeries like bakerzinn etc. because these are too flaky and fragile to be marketed.

We ran out really early this year – had too many people to give them to :( LZ wanted to give my lab the butterless version and keep the buttery batch for ourselves :P



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