Oxtail sammies

Getting Serious Eats recipe newsletters in my inbox every tuesday creates a huge time vortex at work where nothing gets done till I have planned out exactly when I’m going to cook everything in that newsletter. This Tuesday, it was their Braised Oxtail and Gruyere sandwiches with Joshua Bousel’s Red Onion Jam.

So I made this for the cards gang (6 of us, incl. L) who came over to my place last sunday for some 3 little pigs and Resistance :P

To prep for churning out sandwiches and mushroom/gruyere crepes for dinner in under 30 mins, I prepped all the ingredients the day before:

Humongous tub of shiitake, cremini, white mushrooms, shimeiji, and portabella, all sliced up.

Sauteed in salted butter and fresh rosemary/sage to form a ragout. This I can subsequently spread onto the Williams Sonoma’s crepe batter with shredded cheese and it is divine.

We also stewed about 1kg of red onions in red wine, brown sugar, and balsamic vinaigrette to form a pot of red onion jam.

Suitable on anything, really. It was particularly good in my sandwiches.

Here we are assembling the sandwiches – I used some small ciabatta rolls from NTUC – a tad too soft I think. Would have liked them crustier. You can get proper ciabatta from the bakery at Cluny Court. Anyway I spread a good portion of braised oxtail (done in the slow cooker the night before with lots of red wine, vegetables, and chicken stock) on one half, spread the red onion jam on the other half, and then toast it with emmental singles and thinly sliced red peppers.

You can add some cherry tomatoes for extra juiciness. I thought it was lacking in the moisture quotient so I also drizzled some home made honey mustard dressing. onto the veggies:

And here’s a close-up:

All lined up on my chopping board ready to be served:

We stuffed them with mesclun greens with honey mustard so it would be healthier :P The oxtail was really delicious. I would make it again but it’s such a lot of work, and pretty strong tasting too!

And then we had Pierre Herme’s nutella tart for dessert. I’m beginning to see why a sweet tart pastry is used instead of graham crackers- the nutella basically overturns most of the crust :/ I would also advise using fresh nutella, mine was about to expire in about half a year and was super clumpy. Fresh jars of nutella should be silky smooth.

I made four mini tarts and one large one. Will probably revert to using sweet tart crust next time instead of graham crackers! That doesn’t really solve my problem of what to do with all the expiring graham crackers we bought from Cold Storage on clearance – they started outat $9.60 a box (ridiculous!) around christmas time, the price dropped to $4.80 about the end of December, and then became $2.40 about two weeks ago. The boxes SL ordered for me online expire in March, so I don’t understand why Cold Storage imports products that expire earlier and have the cheek to charge $10 for a box.

While playing Resistance I discovered that LZ is a fantastic liar and that I will never be able to tell if he is having an affair or not :S I am very bad at lying and I don’t really like doing it either. I think every time I was a spy, the spies lost the game lol.



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