CNY Baking Part 2

A lot of chinese new year cookie recipes use icing sugar, which gives a more melty texture than castor sugar. I used this for the cornflake cookies, oatmeal cookies, and cashew nut cookies. We went through probably 1-2kg of confectioner’s sugar!
It’s a pain to sift. The mechanical sift we have doesn’t really work as well as I like – it’s a flimsy plastic contraption that lets half the contents out the handle each time you press the button, so as you can see I’ve gone back to basics with a manual sieve.

Cashew nut cookies require halving, toasting and grinding indian cashews. It’s one of the new things I’ve learnt this cookie baking cycle since I (LZ) sourced for the materials instead of my mum. She made a little note in her recipe saying to buy the cashews only if they originate from India.

And then it’s painstaking rolling out and cutting with a crescent shaped mould, glazing, garnishing with a cashew half, and then glazing again.

And there were five freaking trays of these. It’s back breaking work, is what it is, and I’m not really sure why I do it. I could have made a SINGLE batch just for me, myself, and I.

They look so pretty when they’re done. I just got two shiny new doily plates from Ikea today for plating cookie and you’ll probably see them with the pineapple tarts! I didn’t do much for the pineapple tarts, even though I said I’d help my mum… She wound up making the dough herself cause she was too impatient to wait for me to finish my dinner before I made the dough. Pineapple tart dough is significantly different from the others in that you cut the butter into the flour cold. Everything else you’ve seen so far was creamed at room temperature.

One of the high-risk recipes we tried this year was from sketchy origin – nutella chocolate chip cookies. They turned out nothing like what my mum’s friend had her eat.

I mean they taste alright, but “alright” isn’t really what we’re aiming for. It’s really obvious too, that years and years of fine-tuning have gone into the rest of the recipes, and this one is like the kind of cookie random home bakers bake and are not awful enough to throw. At least this one was studded with pistachios so it was different enough from the other nutty cookies (almond, oatmeal, cashew) to justify its place on my coffee table. My mum’s chocolate chip recipe is waay better than this though.

All that’s left is the pineapple tarts! That one is saved for last since we make our own pineapple jam with no artificial preservatives and that gets mouldy really quick in this humidity. We got through an insane amount of baking this year!
1. Chocolate chip cookies
2. Oatmeal cookies
3. Cornflake cookies
4. Cashew nut cookies
5. Nutella cookies
6. Pineapple tarts

Good thing I’ll be away next year and won’t have to repeat this whole shebang.



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