Cooking for sick people Part III

Liangze had a touch of stomach flu last monday and so I stayed home to cook convalescence-y things for him. We went to the doctor early in the morning (around 10am) and I parked him there while I went off to hunt for my favourite carrot cake stall at St 61 :P My parents were also returning from their cruise that morning and needed to be fed.

The doctor basically banned him from eating anything edible:
No fruit, no juice, no milk, nothing sweet, nothing oily. What’s left? I decided to make him chicken noodle soup for dinner. I’m sure the fried carrot cake with extra cai poh we had slated for lunch could be overlooked just this once. To quote LZ, “I could just pretend to be American and eat whatever I want even when I’m sick.” lol this is in reference to Sindy eating all sorts of super unhealthy snacks when she was coughing like mad – seriously – chips, chocolate, etc. etc. I was horrified. But at the same time, unable to explain to her why we refrain from such food when we’re coughing. So she may have a point there. Anyway we ate our carrot cake, and it was deliciousness. This is a phrase I just picked up from LZ’s adorable cousin in Minnesota, who was describing the raisin from her loaf of bread which she cling wrapped and sent off in a card to us. While we were eating in Canton Paradise today we packed a tiny segment of mee kia from our wonton noodles into a toothpick sleeve and mailed it back to her.

I digress. At the wet market near the doctor’s, I managed to pick up a bunch of herbs and ginger and mushrooms and the like.
Here they are:

(Actually these are bunashimeiji mushrooms that my mum bought before she left on her cruise.. and that hadn’t been used since then.)

Some Chinese parsley (like cilantro, but way stronger) and chives wrapped in newspaper. Is that sanitary? Probably not. But neither is anything at the market – you just have to rinse everything off. I also bought some fresh flat rice noodles. Actually they should give me the herbs free of charge considering how much I spent there (only $7.30 haha but it’s quite a lot for a wet market. I bought 1 kg of red onions to make this nice red onion jam for my oxtail sandwiches on sunday.)

The soup was as much of a success as I expected it to be. Lots of flavours here – I panfried the ginger and garlic chips in sesame oil before adding a quart of chicken stock and a whole, chopped up sakura chicken. I also velveted the chicken breast like Kenji says to do. I might have been a tad heavy handed on the corn starch for that though, cause I ran out of corn flour for my cornflake cookies, which I also made on the same day.



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