Cooking for sick people part II

I made crepes on saturday again with the help of my trusty Williams Sonoma crepe mix that LZ brought back for me from Minnesota. It gives better results than home made, and is extremely versatile – can be used for sweet and savoury crepes. You don’t even need the nice little crepe spreader, just plonking the batter in a wide fry pan and swirling it around will do the trick.

We bought a huge block of gruyere and Lz grated it up for me all nice and raggedy for sprinkling. We usually buy blocks of cheese for grating ourselves, saves you from eating unnecessary corn starch from store-grated cheese.

I sauteed portabellas, cremini, white mushrooms, and shimeiji (beech) mushrooms with butter, truffle oil, snipped rosemary from my garden, sage, chives, salt, and pepper. It smelt really heavenly. Fresh rosemary really is a lot more palatable than the dried sort, which is usually really hard.

We prepared a salad with a dash of Tetsuya’s salad vinaigrette and some honey.

Threw in some cubed dragonfruit cause his dad has been getting a bunch of fruit baskets from Bethel and his friends and the fruit in said fruit baskets are usually super ripe. Dragonfruit is so dramatic in a salad. I think it goes better with lobster salad but this looks pretty good too.

Here’s a pic of them together.

The light on saturday was not good, since it was rainy most of the time. We stayed in all day with his dad until dinner time, when we went to DTF to grab some xiaolongbao. I recently saw someone call them little dragon buns on facebook :S Do they not know which “long” it is?! You know your mandarin proficiency has hit a new low when I can actually correct you.

Anyway I thought the crepes browned beautifully in the pan. I sprayed only a single layer of PAM before frying up everything, and it was sufficient for me to pry all 8 crepes off with no effort at all.

We also made some sweet crepes by scrounging together all the leftover christmas chocolate in his house – Royce’s dark chocolate and Ritter Sport’s mousse chocolate, and slicing up a banana in the fruit basket. Nutella would have been better but the melted chocolate was a pretty good substitute. In the states I usually melt squares of ritter sport’s alpine chocolate (the one with the baby blue wrapper) which is hands down the best swiss chocolate for melting in crepes.

L and I ate a grand total of six crepes through the entire day. It was sheer madness. Every time we were hungry we just fired up the pan. I certainly see the recipe critic’s point when she says she and her husband are going to live fat and happily ever after after discovering the secret to making Chili’s skillet queso.



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