Cooking for sick people

Actually the ward in question is L’s dad post op – so he’s not sick in the conventional sense in which I have to watch his diet :P
So I left work early on friday to make dinner for him.

Look how bright it was outside! I never get home this early. This was taken from his kitchen.

We had sesame chicken (sesame oil, light sauce, dark sauce, copious slivers of ginger and garlic and green onions, shao xing wine, all stir fried together). L’s dad said it was an extremely popular dish in his mother’s generation :S I guess I’d make a good chinese grandmother. But he’s right in that for some reason my mum or L’s mum almost never makes this.

We also saw some romanesco in NTUC, otherwise labelled as “Chinese Cauliflower” here!

I was much surprised. A quick search on google images reveals that Romanesco is indeed also known as Chinese Cauliflower. L likes his fractal veggies, although I must say this is pretty difficult to cook/soften properly.

It’s a pretty neon green, little florets spiralling to a point. I’ve only seen it once in my company canteen, but didn’t expect the grocery store here to actually carry it!

We also brought back 4 cupcakes from Plain Vanilla for dessert. I think my favourite is still the hazelnut one (as you can see one is missing), although the white chocolate and strawberry is pretty close. There is much too much cinnamon in the banana and chocolate cupcake to suit me.



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