So our plans to make these little reindeer noses last christmas sorta fell through..

We did however do a few other craftsy things from pinterest:

Paper snowflakes for several people’s gifts:

So easy and Lz loves playing with paper.

We also made jars of lemon and ginger shortbread:

These mini mason jars are perfect for giving to your friends. Each one is only $1.90 from Ikea. Remember to bring your own bags when you go to Ikea though!

We also found the cutest little DIY soft toy postcards from NBC – right after we bought materials to make our own christmas cards from Art Friend. They didn’t come with the stuffing or thread, so we packaged our own:

T got the owl and I think J got the elephant. I got a cactus one for myself but haven’t made it yet.

The postcard looks something like this:

A piece of strong but thin felt placed on a card backing with instructions on how to sew it together. NBC sells the stuffing separately at $1.20 for a ziploc full, which I thought was somewhat retarded. I bought a $2 cushion from Ikea, snipped it open and pulled out a bunch of stuffing from within to pack into ziplocs, like you see in the picture. And then… my mum spotted the snipped open cushion on my bed and SEWED IT UP! She likes going around fixing things, which is great and all.. but haha I wasn’t intending to use that cushion for anything other than soft toy stuffing.

The end product should look something like this, if you do it right. They had a coupla samples of the finished product in the shop.

We gave random housewives jars of Waitrose’s organic honey – I have no idea what ‘organic honey’ even means but they package it really nicely and it makes a great, practical gift for mothers or people who are concerned about their health. Becks got a Franc Franc mug (I always buy additional mugs, after I managed to produce a spare mug for L’s mum when she had to attend someone’s 21st party and I had a whole stash of Franc Franc crockery in his cupboard :P) filled with a matcha latte satchet and mini hershey’s kisses. His parents always get perishables now, especially after I’ve seen their house get more and more cluttered with random craft projects/paintings I give them :S



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