What is the fuss about Baumkuchen?

We recently had a spate of baumkuchen (gifts from christmas), and also some I bought on offer from Muji. Muji slices the baumkuchen up into wedges intstead of rings, and they are 2.90 for a wedge. They’ve got different flavors too – chocolate, banana, coffee.. His parents also got baumkuchen from a church member I think, don’t really know who.

So we know they’re expensive and take a lot of work to make but I don’t really get what the fuss is about/how they are superior to regular sponge cakes (which is pretty much what they taste like). You need special equipment to grill the cake on a rotating spit (like doner meat) but how does it improve the taste?

We tried Muji’s banana with chocolate ganache baumkuchen and the chocolate ganache was a thin layer on top which was extremely alcoholicky. We also bought their cafe latte flavour but haven’t tried it. The best brand (that sells baumkuchen whole in pretty boxes in the Taka basement) tasted pretty much like sponge cake. We saw this in the desserts festival at the Budavar but didn’t try it then. I suppose it would be considered ‘festive’ food for a christmas market.

LZ says they’re comparable to “void deck cakes”, by which we mean those awful margarine laden cakes from your typical “void deck” bakery, y’know, the kind that looks like a bucket-load of icing has been dumped on them?

I much prefer French pastries, when all is said and done. Even kueh lapis tastes better than this!



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