Last year

I’ve gotten lots of gratuitous reflection on my fb newsfeed over the new year, plus a lot of couples getting together (either getting engaged or even just getting in a relationship). Wonder what makes the turn of the year so significant that people wish to “act faster” in asking other people out/to marry them. Maybe they just want an easy way to remember their anniversary. The only updates I found useful were from the ones overseas (Chris usually sends out a christmas letter about the doings of the Scribers, the Boxmeyers, and how every one of them is doing.) LZ got a letter from the B.s detailing each event in each B’s life, although I feel like not much has changed perhaps it is that I am not involved in their life enough to know which events were important. Their update just sounded like a brief reminder of what each B does haha. And then I got a pretty interesting/funny email from a family friend in London about what she has been up to and what her resolutions are. So those updates were the most interesting to me because many of my friends are overseas and I am really not in the loop of their day to day lives (as much as I would like to be).

So here’s a summary of what LZ and I did last year.
In 2013,
1. We finally successfully applied for and got our apartment, after 4 failed applications
2. We applied to 14 different universities all around the US and Canada for grad school (to begin next year)
3. I obtained my postgraduate scholarship from my company, which will fully fund my doctoral studies plus living expenses (this was a big deal, because my being able to continue studying was not a given, unlike liangze). Plus you never know when there’ll be another govt shutdown, which makes school funding a little undependable.
4. I set up a new food blog (as all greedy people do) and it’s doing pretty well (by my standards… which are pretty low :P)
5. I started serving as a pianist in both Bethel and TPBC (wish one of them had a bell choir!)
6. I did not get into any scrapes or accidents or hospitalizations, although LZ’s mum was hospitalized for a bit, his grandpa twice, and his dad is soon to be (That’s all my hospital visits for last year! My parents are in the pink of health). I developed a benign but rare skin condition (lichen striatus) on one leg and found out more about the lines of Blaschko. Mine was extremely mild and has almost completely disappeared already.
7. We found out that my grandma has Alzheimers as well as multiple brain tumours. She’s 84, so an operation is not advisable. LZ’s dad has a cyst which will soon be removed and his mum has thyroid lump that she’s just going to ignore cause it’s likely to be benign.
8. Bethel turned 130 years old, which is mad old for a church here considering Singapore is 48 years old. They also started a Saturday service and are about to ordain their first female pastor, which I am extremely happy about. One small battle at a time.
9. One of my cousins got married, which makes him the 5th out of the 9 of us.
10. My dad officially retired from his retirement job (driving a taxi) and started volunteering at the hospital instead. Both are excellent avenues for him to use up his energy for life because he gets to preach at people in both places :P
11. I started making cheesecake for the first time ever (I hate cheesecake) and it’s so simple to get it to taste good and look good. I have yet to sell my first baked product though. Szeling tells me she’ll definitely order tiramisu from me the next time she needs it. I have specially bought a bottle of duty free kahlua (it was $32 at duty free, which was like the regular price of alcohol at the Wine shop in Ithaca) to make more tiramisu.
12. We visited Malaysia for two days, Indonesia for 4 days, and Australia for 8 days; it takes more effort to travel when you have to plan your travel around work!

That’s pretty much all that happened, no one fell majorly ill and life is tripping along pretty nicely. Jehovah Jireh. Most of my goals and dreams will be put on hold until my PhD and bond are over. On the other hand, they’re not really “on hold” because as dreams go, they’re pretty capital intensive and so we’re putting away the capital right now.


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