Christmas baking

Gracia came over to my place the saturday before christmas to do some christmas cookie baking – it’s not really a tradition with me but it’s an easy enough present to give to people (if you’re actually good at this baking shebang). I’ve sampled jars and jars of christmas cookies inherited from a certain family who gets a ton of christmas presents, and I think people in general have very low standards of food edibility before they give it to others to sample :S Plenty of the cookies I’ve tried would be deemed “failed batches” and simply tossed – cookies are fattening enough in and of themselves for anyone to waste extra calories eating bad ones.

She wanted to make cute cookies – and as a rule of thumb, anything that looks pretty usually tastes pretty horrid, by singaporean standards. Colored whipped cream, fondant, sugar pearls, hundreds and thousands, etc. etc., all these things are frowned upon here because of their high sugar content. Anyway I don’t really like ginger bread, ginger snaps, speculoos, you name it. All those spicy cookies that the Europeans consume by the bucket just don’t appeal to me (throwback to Christmas 2011 where I got the prettiest bell cookie from the Nations Church in Budapest

which looked so pretty but tasted awful) – I think it’s meant to be ornamental, which is somewhat morbid considering there are actual people starving to death on the streets there.

So I decided to make lemon and candied ginger shortbread using a pillsbury recipe (which I was a bit wary of, not trusting pillsbury and their easy bake solutions) but it turned out really amazing. Everyone loved it!

We did a batch of plain round cookies that we would later draw reindeer faces on with melted chocolate chips

Picking out the red m&ms for the reindeer noses. There weren’t enough red ones! So we had to use orange in the end (brown didn’t contrast at all with the chocolate)

Red and orange noses!

I took this design off Pinterest. It’s pretty easy to do, although I think it would work out better if you add some shortening to the chocolate.

We also did stars and snowflakes with purple icing made from icing sugar and lemon juice.

A pretty productive day! The shortbread dough was rolled out a tad too thin though, which made some of them break apart when stacked on top of each other.

It was a rainy saturday afternoon and all my plants were pretty happy :)


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