Jelly hearts

So I made a new batch of jelly hearts on saturday just cause it’s so easy

I also found the original site, which sells its blueberry cheesecake for $48! It’s crazy. I should set up my own shop. Plus, my base is made out of graham crackers instead of digestives, which I think tastes better, and a box of graham crackers costs $9.60 here! My 6-in strawberry jelly cheesecake will sell for $30 :P since I use the entire block of cream cheese and an entire box of strawberries.

You can see the height of all the layers here :P

Here are some pictures of Toa Payoh, where LZ’s grandma stays.

Sometimes we go there for lunch on sundays and she cooks up a storm.

Today she prepared eggs, salmon (actually Maifen baked this in the oven!), stewed vegetables with dried shrimp, deep fried ngoh hiang, prawns and squid in sambal, and deep fried pork cutlet. I was very happy because I brought the hotel slippers from Batam to her place and my feet were clean the entire time (the floor is kinda sticky and I don’t really know what the stickiness consists of but I don’t like stepping on random wet patches)

We got to sample Maifen’s chocolates from Italy- she brought back two bars of amedei, a bag of gianduia, and a box of olive oil and salt chocolates from an olive oil farm where she stayed. It was amazing! Everyone was really full from my strawberry cheesecake though to eat all that chocolate :P She also brought back various condiments for me to cook with, like black truffles, truffle paste, walnut cream sauce, genovese pesto, etc. What a stash! I’ll be making some sort of marsala chicken or saltimbocca on thursday with some pesto tortiglione because the parma ham she brought back needs to be used up pretty quick.



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