I wish I lived in Sweden

Another great picture by Ulf Bodin. I’m so glad I decided to follow him on flickr way back then. I could compile an entire folder of amazing shots and make it my desktop wallpaper.

I’ve been thinking of getting a new laptop ever since my laptop started giving off a buzzing sound because of the poor connection to the AC adaptor. The screen has also started flickering a little bit. I wonder what I would do with it though, throw it away? Or give it away? It’s incredibly slow, I’ll probably wipe the hard disk and install linux. I’d like a 256gb solid state drive for the new laptop, which also means keeping the regular hard disk from my current laptop would be futile. An SSD is tremendously useful I think, and would have prevented the mishap that lost me a few term papers during the christmas of 2010. Currently I’m wavering between a Samsung and an Acer – those white touch screen laptops look pretty nifty, only I don’t need/want a touchscreen :S And everything right now is installed with Windows 8, which I don’t know how to use :S The Samsung ones can be quite light, but LZ will help me get some quotes he had to get for his lab (as the lab custodian :P) so I can try to buy them directly from the supplier.

My ComGateway parcel has arrived in Singapore (I only shipped it out when I was in Batam! It ships stuff via DHL, which is really fast.) It’s been sent out to the delivery facility and hopefully I will get it by Friday. In it, there is LZ’s christmas gift (the 53 Pencil for our Paper app)

A seaglass colored lytro camera that I got for the nifty price of $169 on Cyber Monday,

And my Kindle. LZ dropped my first Kindle which somewhat shattered the screen, hence the new one. I was carrying an actual hardcover book around at Batam and on the commute yesterday and it was really chunky! Can’t wait for the Kindle to arrive, especially what with Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook – where they give a hugely discounted price for kindle books that correspond to hard copy books you’ve bought. I think the hard copy book orders have to be fulfilled by Amazon though :S And the only hard copy books I order from Amazon are the design types with full color pages which usually don’t have a Kindle edition.

I’m really excited about my new toys! And they’re really not all that expensive compared to the toys kids have nowadays..



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