Day 2

So this was the first time we encountered the breakfast bar, which is more extensive on the weekends (because the hotel gets lots more guests on the weekend) than on weekdays. There was a cereal bar with cheese, yoghurt, fruit, nuts, fresh milk, and skim milk;

a cooked food bar with Malaysian style breakfasts – fried noodles and rice, vegetables and chicken/beef/fish stir-fries. No pork served here, obviously, since it’s a predominantly Muslim country.

There’s also a chicken rice station where you can select which part of the whole, roasted chicken you want and a cook will chop it up for you; an egg station, where a cook fries up chipolatas, bacon, omelettes, and scrambled eggs. You can also get baked beans and hashbrowns here.

Most Malaysian/Indonesian hotels will also featured a soup/congee station, where you can add your own condiments to plain porridge:
The juice bar featured 6 different kinds of juices, and next to the cheese was a platter of cubed pineapple, honey dew, watermelon, and papaya.

It was a massive smorgasboard! The food quality is a little meh, I thought. The cooked food was the best, although a tad salty. The egg station featured undersalted eggs though. The omelettes were pretty perfect otherwise. It’s all-you-can-eat, so you can choose your favourites and stick with that. The breakfast area closes around 10am and changes into a dimsum buffet, which is about 98000 per head, ~ $10. We were intending to go for the dimsum buffet on Sunday afternoon, but were too stuffed from breakfast to attempt any more eating. This was also the only day charlottido managed to wake up and join us for breakfast. I think she is a person of extremes – when she sleeps, she sleeps a lot, even though she can stay up later than any of us. When she eats, she can eat more than us, but she also doesn’t always eat every single meal. On the last day she barely ate anything!

After learning from our experience the previous day we decided not to venture out of the hotel until dinner time and stayed in and learnt how to play Lords of the Waterdeep, which is apparently modeled after dungeons and dragons. I really liked it (more than Citadels and Settlers) and almost wish I had my own set.

The second game, Through the Ages, was a lot more involved and I didn’t get it (admittedly I didn’t try very hard.. when they were all busily learning the rules I just sorta lolled around on the bed and pretended to be useful). We still haven’t played it :P even though it’s the 2nd highest rated game on like boardgamegeek or something. The instructions are just so long! And tortuous. Such a pain to read. It’d probably be mitigated if we had a lawyer in the group. Halfway through I got nibblish again and ordered room service, which was average but good enough when you’re hungry.

It was quite hilarious actually – you can see where they stabbed my spring chicken to check for doneness – what, they don’t own a meat thermometer? Which reminds me – Gracia texted me while I was at Batam to tell me that she ruined my instant read thermometer – she thought it could be left in the oven and so stuck it in her Christmas turkey and put the entire shebang in to bake. Brilliant. Anyway she’s replacing it so it’s all good, I’ve only used it twice, once at Thanksgiving for the turkey and the stuffing, another time when I was baking LZ’s birthday cake. I guess singaporeans are not real used to testing doneness of baked meat since almost everyone stir-fries everything here.

The nasi goreng was quite nice. We shared these two plates between the four of us, which was more than enough considering the constant muruku munching and pretty extensive tray of snacks and tangerines.

We played Bang at night, which was pretty fun although I got killed off so easily it wasn’t even funny. I get grumpy when I lose anything haha. It’s just one of those faults people have to overlook. Usually it’s resolved when I whine to LZ and he sulks companionably with me but we were with company so I couldn’t devolve as much as I’d like to. You’d think adulthood would bring with it more maturity and devil-may-care-ness but nope. Really glad Raghu left us the board game to enjoy here. One day we’ll have to dig out the expansion pack and figure out how to play with those extra cards. Damn, now I feel like playing Bang. If only LZ had siblings, we could be playing right now :(



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