My second Tiramisu ‘baking’ session this year, this time for Szeling’s birthday because she really likes tiramisu. And it’s so easy to make. This time I followed the extremely alcoholic recipe from Anna Maria Volpi and doubled the amount because it’s easy to give tiramisu away. This is the recipe I used when I was at Cornell, and it has a lot of marsala wine in the zabaglione.

We got 1kg of mascarpone (about $10.90 or $12.90, can’t rmb) from Phoon Huat but i think I’ll go with Galbani next time from NTUC. The mascarpone had a strange taste.

I am also too lazy to bake my own sponge – it’s going to be soaked in a coffee kahlua mixture anyway so there’s no point in baking the sponge, besides savoiardi fingers/lady fingers are available at almost every single supermarket here.

Look how many eggs we used! Just the yolks too, not the whites.

The one in the middle is huge! These were whisked with sugar and then whisked in the double boiler with 1 cup of marsala wine. My parents recently inherited a double boiler from one of my aunts who didn’t need it any longer. It was the perfect size for making zabaglione, but the water on the outside takes a long time to heat up.

The end product. Extremely ugly because it’s sitting on some newspapers so my cocoa powder won’t get everywhere :P

I’ve been having fun making labels for everything. I managed to make 3 small square cups (like you see in the picture above), one large mason jar, 2 glass cups, and one 5″ x 9″ tray which is in my freezer right now. Freezing tiramisu is how you can get such perfectly straight edges when you cut it like you see in restaurants.

Everyone liked it, although I thought it was a little soggy. The whipped cream didn’t come through for me, because guess what, we don’t have nice cartons labelled “heavy cream” here – they’re all “whipping cream” and to identify a heavy cream from well, whipping cream, you have to look at the fat percent (about 35.1%). I bought a sketchy French brand from Phoon Huat that totally didn’t come together and curdled withint 5 minutes, so had to replace the leavning of the mascarpone with whipped egg whites, which makes the mixture all pockmarked and ugly. I think I’ll skip the leavening altogether and leave it as just mascarpone and zabaglione, like in the traditional Italian style. If good mascarpone is used, it will be the richest tiramisu ever, like the one I had in Bologna. Probably one would have to cut the marsala volume if one is not going to add egg whites or whipped cream to the mascarpone.



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