Rainbow Rowell

I love her books. I know, what kind of name is Rainbow? But it makes you look twice. I only first saw Eleanor and Park in Kinokuniya last weekend. The double take was because of the beautiful book cover. And then I saw the name and thought, oh, this must be some chicklit. I’ll just download it and have a look (don’t worry, I buy books that are really worth their weight in gold later, just to be legal about it and to support the author) because the cover is so well-designed. Well here it is:

It really was a fantastic book. The thing is, I went on to read her other books (have just finished Attachments) and have decided that everything she has written is worth buying and so have also pre-ordered her Landlines, which comes out next year along with the rest of my amazon shipment, including the I Give It a Year DVD I got for Mingsee and Fabio’s 1 year wedding anniversary tomorrow :P I hope they deliver it soon!!

So I have also decided to put all my food related posts into a proper food blog, and then put anonymized versions of those posts on HungryGoWhere. The new blog is here, and to start it off I culled posts from this blog and just copied it there. It says it has a post history going back 1-2 years but actually I only started the blog last friday when I was DONE with all the grad school apps. And by “done” I don’t mean I’d completed all of them, I just mean I was sick and tired of doing them :P I’ve got two schools left. If you would like to see my food posts here as well (i.e. not have to go there to look at pretty pictures of food) leave a comment. Otherwise I probably won’t be posting anymore about food on this blog except perhaps for things I’ve made. There’s one post there on the Serious Eats Caramelized Orange cheesecake I made last week that has a dewy looking picture of a caramelized orange slice.

Here’s a post on the Harvard grading system that is pretty funny, and, if true, extremely disturbing.


Un pensiero su “Rainbow Rowell

  1. Well, I love seeing your food posts along with the others. It’s like the whole picture of your life. However, I can follow 2 blogs as easily as one, so good luck with “Pickled Peas” and I’ll read both!


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