Lunch at Sushi Tei

One of those lazy afternoons when we were having lunch break in Holland V – it makes me feel like a student again, wandering around Holland V. And Lunch breaks. It’s weird and wonderful to get to eat with the people you want to eat with during lunch just because they work so near to you. The only other time I got to do that was at school.

I love eating at nice places for lunch (as opposed to dinner) because
1. The prices are generally lower because they get a smaller volume of business during lunch time, and are trying to attract the working adults who are just looking for a quick, fuss-free bite.
2. The light is so much more awesome for taking photos of food.

So today we had a bowl of yakitori don [$9.50] (still don’t understand the Japanese obsession with cuboidal bowls – so difficult to scoop the rice out) and it was the most photogenic bowl of yakitori don ever (and delicious to boot):

It’s fried with onions and ginger and yakitori sauce, which sounds simple enough but I have never been able to replicate it myself.

We also had a little pot of chawanmushi [$4.20] each – liangze was very excited because typically I am the only one ordering chawanmushi and I am extremely stingy about sharing this with him :P Chawanmushi is my favourite part of any meal at Sushi Tei. I douse mine liberally with shoyu too, which mixes in with the dashi stock they use to make the egg. Eggs are my favourite protein of all time – they are so versatile and can be used to make anything from meringue to onsen tamago. And they can be poached a million ways, like for eggs benedict or like ajitsuke tamago. A well done egg is worth a thousand overcooked lobsters. So today we each had our own chawanmushi and everybody was happy. Haha.

The top is a little bubbly but it was as silky as ever.

From previous experiences of having waay too much food at Sushi Tei (I have a little problem estimating this because everything comes in such small portions and sometimes Liangze orders sashimi which I don’t take, so I order something of my own and then it snowballs and there is way more food than we wanted in the first place. So this time we only ordered the ebi mentai mayo [$8.80] which is a seasonal offering from one of the sushi tei chefs around the island. I generally like anything mentai-mayo that they do, but it does get cloying after a little while. They would do well to torch the mayo better and to make it a tad spicier. It still loses to Kyushu’s Dynamite, which I have cravings for now and then.



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