Pretty wintry picture posted by Ulf Bodin on flickr today. I wish I had a better camera. But I must be thankful for my current one because Liangze gave it to me! Literally only like 5 months after we started dating haha.

1. Before I lose the link in my inbox again, here is The top 10 handmade pastas in Singapore. I’ve been trying to find a dinner spot with Gracia tonight somewhere central but everywhere seems to be fully booked. InItaly, Binomio, you name it. What I need is a restaurant that doesn’t have a nice booking app attached to it (Chope, reserveit) and that only takes email reservations.

2. 40 food hacks that will apparently change the way I eat.

This idea in particular is so amazing and disturbing at the same time.
I must say some of these are quite good ideas, but a lot of them look like they’ll wind up like these.

3. Undergrad theses summed up in one sentence
I really like

“The pill causes women to think differently about their bodies, but only if you squint and don’t ask too many questions about my stats.”
Psychology, Duke University

4. Which also reminds me of these Overly Honest Methods:

Gosh it’s hard to make a reservation on a friday night :x



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