Dinner at AOne Claypot House

We tried this restaurant opposite din tai fung at J8 once when I couldn’t be bothered to wait for my xlbs (there is always a 30-40minute long queue during peak hour at the J8 din tai fung)

They had these humongous, airbrushed pictures of claypot frogs’ legs and chicken and looked pretty amazing, so we decided to try it.

Verdict: We probably won’t be back anytime soon. It was pretty pricey too.

The claypot dried chilli frog leg [$16.90] was listed as a house specialty but was pretty lacklustre – I would go with the typical ginger and spring onion frog leg next time.

We had some hotplate tofu [$14.90] (my favourite thing to order at a zhichar place) because of the fried egg at the bottom of the hotplate. This was alright, but the chili and ginger inside were sliced so chunkily and haphazardly it feels like they don’t take pride in their food. Sushi tei actually removes all ginger slices from a bowl of yakitori don before serving it.

And then a salted radish omelette [$8.90]. It was awesome, like fried carrot cake, but without the carrot cake cubes and just egg and cai po. Pretty expensive for this, but I liked it the best. They didn’t bother rinsing out the cai po though, so it’s a tad too salty.

NB: We didn’t try what everyone else seemed to be eating, which is the claypot porridge. Perhaps a better verdict would have been given if we did. It’s certainly better than the previous establishment though – you got to be pretty sucky to close even though you have a steady stream of customers from din tai fung’s discards.



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