We got our flat! On the 8th floor at Telok Blangah Parcview. Rejected all the fittings and flooring so we’ll have to bring in a contractor to do our own. I kind of want wooden flooring and perhaps a pebbly path or a pebble pond with some plants (ficus?) growing out of it. The flat will probably be ready in 2017 which is kind of a long time away, but doesn’t make a difference if we get into grad school. We’ll still need to choose a contractor and get all our bathroom fittings in (I rejected the sinks and showerheads etc. as well, they were mad ugly).

Anyway this post is not about that (just that our house is happening and I’m pretty excited. It costs $504k and the down-payment is only 5%, which can be covered completely by our CPF).

This post is about the food at Park, which I may have blogged about before – American lunch-style sandwiches/fries/pasta.
We tried the truffle mac & cheese [$13.80] this time, and I must say I haven’t found a place here who can do mac & cheese. Well how hard can it be really? But we don’t really import lots of cheese, much less processed cheese (sooo good), so it’s really difficult to find things like skillet queso and mac & cheese here. I’m already halfway through the 16oz block of velveeta LZ brought back for me from Hyvee’s because we had skillet queso again on Saturday! (sorry xingyan :P). I’ve discovered tostitos are the best chip for it, although they are a tad salty.

So here’s Park’s truffle mac & cheese.

It looks pretty good though. But I for one am not a fan of tarragon on my mac & cheese.

We also had the Orion battered (Orion is a kind of japanese beer) fish and chips lunch set [$17]. The portions were kinda small (i.e. just right for us)

The set came with a bowl of mushroom soup and garlic bread which was pretty nice.

And of course we had spam chips with ketchup and mayonnaise [$8.50]. This is way crispier than the Relish one and kinda expensive considering how cheap it is to produce. I guess it must be pretty difficult cutting the spam to that thinness. It’s also not super salty and goes nicely with the mac & cheese.

Problem was this entire meal was too greasy and creamy – we probably shouldn’t have gotten their fish and chips AND the spam chips but the other options on the lunch menu weren’t much better (turkey ham alfredo penne). The food here is nice but we have some way to go in selecting the most ideal combination to order.

Also the chairs are insanely low for the tables? I don’t know why. It’s really difficult to eat there for tall people, you have to slouch all the way down to reach your plate.


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