Application Awards

I’ve written the due dates for all the applications in my diary according to the university name. On 13th December, UToronto is due. On 15th December, UPenn, UChic, UMinn, and USC are due. They are like my babies. I’m having them one after another like that crazy octo-mum. UToronto is premature but Rutgers and CUNY are certainly taking their time.

The award for the most mercenary school goes to CUNY, who has charged me USD 125 for applying.

The award for the least mercenary school goes to Ohio State, whose application fee is only $5. (Only for Math!)

The award for most efficient application website goes to all the ApplyYourself schools (UIUC, UMinn, UPenn, USC), who send out the recommendation requests to professors the minute you key in their email, instead of waiting for one to be done with his/her personal statement.

The award for most space (and potentially the most funding) for transcript uploading goes to UChicago, which sets no limit (Thank God).

The award for the most space stingy for transcript uploading is a tie between USC and UWashington, which caps it at 1mb. Seriously?? So I tried this site for compressing my transcript, and it gave me the following message:

“We compressed your file to 2.73MB. It was 2.76MB before. Yeah this sucks. We are sorry. Your file was already compressed quite well.”

The award for most inflexible app goes to the Shibboleth sites. They don’t let you select which part of the application you want to fill in first, you just have to fill it in according to their order, and if you are unable to complete a certain step along the way, you’re stuck. Well done.

The award for the most irritating application website has to go to CU Boulder. You have to enter each GRE test score separately, and I don’t mean you have to enter the General Test Score and the Subject Test score in two separate forms. No. You have to enter the individual components of the General Test in 3 separate forms. The entire online application is programmed so badly, everything has to be filled in by clicking a dozen preliminary content-less buttons before you get to the page with editable cells. And every single bit of information you enter, about yourself, about your past education, has to first jump through that 12 click hoop before you can key in anything significant.

However, due to their naming system, I am proud to announce that if I get in, I will be the first Thng there. Ha! My application ID is THNG000001, which I think is hilarious. Lz’s one is WONG000438. Liangze told me last night that when he was doing his first Anything Goes show, when Jackson was in charge of the online ticketing page, he told the group that every year there are always interesting results/hits when people order their AG tickets online. In fact just that year, there was one person whose last name had no vowels! Then Lz immediately knew it was me lol. Hubbard has also asked me how to pronounce my last name – it’s not so very hard. Everyone seems to be able to pronounce ‘rhythm’, but, you say, there’s a ‘y’ in rhythm. There’s nothing remotely vowelesque in the ‘thm’ part is there, and everyone seems to have no trouble with that. Well you can apply the same thing to my last name, just that instead of concluding with the ‘m’ phoneme you conclude with the ‘ng’ one. Voila.



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