Dinner at Tung Lok Signatures

We headed for the Vivocity branch of this while on another Franc Franc escapade (where LZ got me the most adorable christmas present(s) ever but that’s another story).

The last time we ate here was perhaps Valentine’s Day last year? I can’t really remember, but I liked it quite a bit. The selection is a little smaller than at the other Tung Lok restaurants though, precisely because this is a Signatures branch so I guess they focus on serving the best-sellers from the rest of their branches. Fyi, Tung Lok has a bunch of restaurants under its name, in addition to the obvious restaurants with ‘Tung Lok’ in its name it also owns Humble House and the Modern Asian Diner.

We started with the roasted sakura chicken [$20] – it’s really nice, although I don’t remember the sesame seeds or see their point. I requested for 5 spice salt, which is a must-have for roasted chicken in my book (probably picked up from wedding dinners). The chicken is really nicely flavored all the way through so technically no additional seasoning is needed, but I like things salty.

We had the mee sua with the half lobster in superior stock [$25]. Liangze thinks ‘superior’ stock is a contentless name – what does it mean? Actually, you can find the recipe for ‘superior’ stock in some chinese cookbooks, so it’s not -just- one of those meaningless chinese marketing ploys. The lobster was tenderly poached, but seems to be kind of devoid of flavour. I like my lobster best steamed and served with drawn butter, not poached like this. The noodles were pretty springy though.

We ordered a plateful of braised vegetables [$24], because they looked so nice. This one came with assorted braised mushrooms, shelled edamame, and chestnuts – a winning combination. There was also some quorn-textured thing wrapped in beancurd skin that was rather nice. I wonder why home cooks have not tried cooking this – I would certainly like to replicate it. We finished the plate between the two of us although it was meant for more like 6 people.

The italian fried cod [$15] came with a light miso/wasabi dressing (not very spicy or pungent or anything), and was perfectly fried – crispy on the outside, fall apart on the inside. The skin was amazing too although you can’t see it in this picture. Not sure what’s italian about it though – seems Chinese through and through – I’m pretty sure wasabi doesn’t grow in Italy! The garnishing was this pretty combination of desiccated red and yellow carrot shavings and microgreens. This was the star of the show and also the most affordable.

No room for dessert! Although I certainly would have liked some. Bad planning on our part. Would have skipped the lobster. Instead we bought some chocolate cigars from the Cocoa Trees.



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