So there are several things that have been bothering me lately that have to do with people posting really stupid things on facebook that are so obviously/outrageously wrong. I don’t usually like to talk about these issues because I am highly aware that my opinion is just my own and well, most people may not agree with me. And besides this blog is meant to be frivolous – filled with good food and fun and only the occasional musing about mortality/poetry. Usually I rant to liangze, and he is ever sympathetic and ‘on my side’ so to speak, in the wars I draw between myself and a select few of my facebook friends. Not a very objective audience, I think, but it’s nice to have at least someone on your side so even if you are batshit crazy, you are in good company. So here is my beef today:

Why do christians like to judge other people? Out loud? On facebook? A guy I know recently posted the most inane status ever: something about how he can’t understand why people check into hotels over the weekend to have sex. Is he seriously that naive or that irrelevant to this world? A comment to his own status clarified that he didn’t understand how people can think it is OK to jump into a carnal relationship after only seeing each other for a few months – my paraphrase of course, because I am a grammar nazi and his grammar sucks. My exact words to liangze were: Who died and made him God? What gives him the right to decide what is OK or not OK for somebody else? I don’t think premarital sex is OK but I don’t go around imposing this view on other people and condemning them for what they choose to do or not do! I am ashamed in fact, to say that some of my friends were uncomfortable about telling me about their own relationships for fear that I would think less of them if I knew that they were sleeping with their boyfriend. One of them was uncomfortable with telling me that she was gay. Well I do not think less of any of them. And nobody should. Because it’s not my/their place to judge, innit. Makes me wonder if I was ever as schmuck-y as him, which is a really sobering thought.

I really hate the way some singaporeans express themselves – with blatant disregard for political correctness. Even if he disagrees with their actions, he could have said outright “I don’t think you should sleep together since you’ve only known each other for a short time” (which is illogical in and of itself, without establishing any moral basis, besides I don’t know of a single religion that stipulates a moral/acceptable ‘timing’ between the event where two people start to date and the event where they sleep together, no “On the seventh day he didst lie with his wife, and God saw that it was good…”), but at least emphasize that that is merely his own opinion which the couple in question could heed or ignore at will. But no, it has to be something retardedly self-righteous like “I don’t understand how some people can think that it is OK to do xxx”. Because yes, the entire world revolves around you and your moral standards, yes, we all elected you to dictate to us what we can and cannot do, and how dare anyone think that what you think is not OK, is OK? It’s just so mind-boggling.

It’s a good thing my blood pressure is so low, so I have some leeway for schmucks like this to ratchet it up with no adverse effects to my health. Christians are really Christianity’s worst enemy.

To be fair, the schmuck in question is a ‘nice guy’, in the most shallow sense of the concept. That is, he tries to be (and thinks he is) kind to everyone – but in a very unintellectual way – most of his words and actions are still barely processed before they are executed. For example, he may hold open the door for you (the mark of a gentleman, in their eyes), but is not capable of pinpointing/doing other non-obvious acts of service that will also convenience your life because like I said, the kindness-motivated thought processes kinda stop there. I guess you can say that a lot of the moderately educated male engineer population here are “well-meaning”, by which I mean unintentionally sexist, unintentionally self-righteous, and unintentionally pricks.



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