Lunch at Ricciotti

So on our way back from Enoteca a few weeks ago we passed by another Italian restaurant along the river that looked pretty good – it had several truffle dishes written up on their chalkboard, and then I found out recently that it had a branch at Star Vista, the mall/church near my office. So naturally we headed there for lunch yesterday to see if the food was any good since it was just 2 train stops (5 mins) away.

I had the linguine al granchio – linguine with crabmeat in a tomato and cream based sauce. The sauce didn’t really have much dimension but there was plenty of crab (can you tell I’ve been craving crab recently?) so it was pretty nice. Think the portions are a tad large though, and takeaway pasta is not very nice. Most restaurants here aren’t used to takeaway requests anyway, and believe it or not, my office doesn’t have a microwave.

LZ had the fettucine bolognese, which I actually liked! They seem to cut up the beef and perhaps veal instead of mincing it. The pastas here are all not made in house though, and you can taste that. The ragu was pretty legit, in that I could imagine eating it somewhere in Italy, perhaps not Bologna, but somewhere else.

Afterward we stopped by sogurt(? can’t remember the name of the shop but you’ll see it en route to Ricciotti) for some froyo. It’s like the froyo shop in Collegetown, but much more expensive. This cup of grapefruit and lychee yoghurt here was $8.50 but SO worth it. I really like those flavour burst caviar-like balls that are filled with lychee or mango flavored syrup. It’s like molecular gastronomy, but affordable.

I really like taking photos at lunchtime because the light is usually just right and I don’t have to jump through too many hoops in photoshop to white balance and everything.

In other news, while looking for reasonable schools to apply to for math we discovered that the median GRE subject test percentile for international students applying to Ohio State’s math PhD program is freaking 95%. Are they all from China or something? That’s crazy! So you can only imagine the quality of applicants to the other better schools. Maybe everyone else got a 100%. I didn’t even think Ohio State was that awesome. I mean they have a good program, but 95%?! Kinda makes me regret not studying math in China. I mean of course the GRE is not super indicative of advanced mathematical ability at all but from all the Chinese TAs I got I would say they definitely knew their stuff and were pretty competent at grading and office hours and everything. Whew. The median percentile for locals is something like 67%. :S I wonder if this is the same in other schools. Anyway OSU has one slightly weird quirk, which is that their application fee is $5. Usually application fees are upward of $50, in fact if the fee was $50 I would consider it cheap already so I thought that was really weird.



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