The Queen and Mangosteen

I’m celebrating the return of flickr accessibility to my work computer :) For weeks (I only discovered it when LZ went to Minnesota and I was editing his photos and uploading them there, but couldn’t access my album for the link to give to him at work) flickr has been “not available” even though it’s not on the list of blocked sites. Obviously I couldn’t report that, but some other guy reported on the intranet that the Microsoft website was also “not available” and the security department explained there we were having some problem with the VPN but now everything is up and running!

So we had dinner last night at the Queen and Mangosteen, a British pub in Vivocity. Everytime we walked past it in the mall it looked pretty empty, but when we actually reserved a place yesterday, we were brought to another wing of the very much thriving restaurant that is right at the waterfront.

They have an open bar there (much like the Chop House and Jamie’s) that leads into the air conditioned area, so you get both the alfresco feel AND the air conditioning. The sunset was magnificent.

Of course the million dollar question is: How was the food?
Well it surprised me how decent it was. I’d definitely come back. And, it’s MUCH better than Jamie’s!

We started with the Thai crab cakes, which seemed to be made entirely of crab – juicy, with the kind of bite that feels like you’re biting into a deshelled Alaskan King crab leg. None of that filler stuff like potato or celery you get in your typical Maryland crab cakes. I’m not sure these are “Thai” either, because Thai crab cakes usually comprise of blended up crab meat, something like Singaporean fish cake – with glutinous rice flour or some other additive added. Their crab cake was served with mango salsa and pretty damn reasonable at only $12.

I had the steak and guinness pie [$24], which was pretty good, although I think the mashed potato could be seasoned better. There’re salt and pepper shakers on each table, so all is good. You’d think that was a basic necessity in opening a restaurant but you’ll be surprised how many restaurants in Singapore don’t have them. The beef stew at the bottom of the pie dish was pretty awesome, though there were too many potato/parsnip(?) chunks. Some fresh mushrooms in there would have been nice.

LZ had the grilled king prawns with truffle spaghetti (whatever that means) [$26]- there isn’t a real strong truffle taste in the spaghetti, but I liked it quite a bit (though I wouldn’t necessarily order this again).

Here it is again.

I’m constantly faced with this problem in which there are too many restaurants in Singapore to try and too little time. Nearly 2-3 times (or more) a week we have dinner at home, cause his mum cooks, or my mum cooks, which of course is a privilege. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are all these restaurant pokemon out there and I gotta catch’em all!

Why we were at Vivocity: We were watching 3 peas in a pod, Michelle Chong’s new film (she’s the director, producer, and screenwriter). I thought it was quite different from the typical make of Singaporean film (mainly because most of our films are comedies and written/directed by men). This one was like a part romantic drama, part advertisement for the Australia Tourism Board (which sponsored parts of the movie). The acting was unusually awkward, but the actors were pretty cute. Both the Singaporean girl and the Taiwanese guy. However I thought the entire thing obsessed about homosexuality to a somewhat childish degree. And also there didn’t seem to be a point to the relationships – the punchline of the movie was pretty much “omg he is gay!” which is really not very interesting in and of itself don’t you think? But that should tell you how foreign and new and still slightly taboo the concept of homosexuality in Singapore is.



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