Links on facebook on Monday:
1) The 25 friends you make at college
Kinda creepy, because SO many of the catchphrases apply to us. Liangze’s definitely The Musical Theatre Kid

He was ALWAYS, and I mean always, singing before and after Anything Goes’ rehearsals. And they have rehearsals 3 times a week. At the end of college I knew the lyrics to most of 21 guns and “the trees are just wood. The wood are just trees…”

I don’t really know what I was. Probably a combination of many things, but never completely fitting the stereotype. I was an international student but I think Cool International Kid is a bit of stretch. Yes there was jetlag (usually only 3 days or so), and your accent is not quite comprehensible all the time, particularly when you’re jabbering quickly, but I never ever said “When I was [insert exotic country]…” to anyone that I can remember. And I did go around correcting people’s English but I wasn’t an English major (nor do I speak in literary quotations). And I did read a lot – have probably read more books than everybody in my company combined (oh yeah, I said it) but when there were math problem sets and I wasn’t slacking off at school (only my freshman year :P) I did take a break from reading, which made me sad. They should have a category for people who just sit around doing crosswords instead of talking to their friends during lunch. It would probably be called “The Loser.”

2. 15 People who meant well:
I’ve never figured out what smh or smfh means.

3. Illustrator draws faces, lets 4-yr old daughter complete the pictures
These are pretty adorable. I wonder if kids genuinely see everyone as a blob at 4-yrs old. Ana did use to draw like that when we were baby-sitting her: legs and arms were always just lines, and the body would be shaped like a potato.

4.Exciting live tweets from a passive eavesdropper who overhears his neighbour’s breakup in Brooklyn and tweets about it. It amuses me when ang mohs are kaypoh too. The other night there was a fight going on at the base of Liangze’s cluster of apartment blocks- these people were yelling really loudly in chinese or some dialect, I couldn’t catch most of it. This was really late at night. After about half an hour of listening to them, one enterprising neighbour yelled down at the quarrelling people “DIAM LAH!!” and silenced them for a good 15 minutes. “Diam” is basically “shut up” in hokkien? And may be used affectionately as well, when someone is running off his mouth about something he knows nothing about. Liangze and I kept popping out to the kitchen window to see who the perpetrators were or what was happening because you know, we’re actually really kaypoh despite being out of the loop all of the time. There were even a coupla policemen who showed up! I would have called the police myself if the quarrelling didn’t stop – it was really annoying. Not that I was trying to sleep or anything, I believe I was doing apps or playing Secret Passages but it’s just stressful listening to people fight. I nearly never fight with LZ and well, both sets of our parents hardly ever fight either and even if they are upset with each other it’s more like a very passive war filled with silences and looks instead of actual verbal spewage. Our local chinese dramas are always filled with people arguing and it really stresses me out when his parents watch the TV. Although part of the stress is from the tension and anger behind their voices, most of it stems from the sheer pointlessness and fallaciousness of their arguments. Lots of people here like to argue extremely melodramatically and pissily about petty little things because they don’t have the introspection to distinguish what deeper dissatisfactions lead to their gross unhappiness with their partner. Like they can kick up a real shitstorm over the fact that their spouse did not bother folding the ironing properly as if it were the same scale as his/her having an affair. I kid you not.

5. Here’s an article about a Cryogenically cooked egg – actually not cooked at all, just frozen. It looks pretty cooked in the picture, but when it defrosts it becomes runny again, which is kinda weird and gross.

My bible study leader just gave birth to a baby boy (her 4th child. It’s crazy. I was driven mad by the first 2 already way back before university, I wonder at how she can keep up with FOUR! not to mention the fact that she’s homeschooling them) Anyway, when the kid came out, he was covered (in entirety) with a milky white goop (somewhat like mayonnaise). It was rather disgusting – I had no idea the amniotic fluid was milky, I always thought it was clear, sorta like the albumen of an egg, and that it would just sorta slide off. Anyway I must say he looks much better shaped than the other baby I saw on facebook 2 months ago – what’s with parents and posting pictures of their children right after they are born? Even if it is a memory you want to treasure forever, is it really necessary to inflict those gross post-surgery photos on the rest of the world? There was this one baby whose head was literally conical. Like if she wore one of those christmas hats, it would fit.

In other news, my passport application was approved and I am going to pick it up next Saturday! That is kind of a relief because I didn’t know if they’d accept the photo I submitted (I basically cropped my head out of a regular photo and pasted it on a white background but it wasn’t the best photoshop job) and we are planning on going to Batam next month so I kind of need a passport to book the ferry tickets. My current one expires in March, but cannot be used next month because apparently your passport needs to be valid for 6 months from the date of travel; I have no idea why they state the date of expiry as such if all passports technically expire 6 months before that -_-

Edit: Updated to include today’s links
6) A new strategy for finding Waldo that deviates from the random search algorithm everyone applies. If you want to get significantly quicker at finding Waldo in the books than your child then you can try this guy’s method.

7) Dangerous fish we should all be helping to eat. Other than the omission of how eating shark’s fin is bad for sharks and the indiscriminating use of italics, this article is pretty interesting. I didn’t know stone fish could be eaten as sashimi, nor lion fish! I do agree that stingray does taste a little like crab, and it is really nice when BBQed with sambal and served on a banana leaf, like how most of us eat it here. Michelle (from china) thought it was the spiciest food she has ever had – we shared a plate of BBQ-ed stingray with her at the Adam Road Food Court after walking in the Botanic Gardens. Also I am now really interested in trying anglerfish tail in a nabe.



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