Cloudy with a chance of meatballs II

We finally caught Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. It’s a kids’ movie, so the showtimes are always in the afternoons, which means we couldn’t catch it till the weekend – the pain of being a working adult who still watches kids’ shows! I kind of expected a 1.5 hour long hunger-inducing ad about American fastfood (there were no meatballs in it in the end) but most of the food in the movie were personified/given monster characters which was not very appetizing (whenever the cheeseburger or taco roars, all kinds of chopped up vegetables fly out of its maw, which is somewhat disgusting). Also I don’t know about you but I have never felt any inclination to eat something that was alive, it’s as gross to me as Koreans eating live octopus, with it wriggling in your mouth and everything. yech. In keeping with the theme of the movie, we brought a meatball sub in for lunch only to discover that there are no meatballs whatsoever in the movie – I guess we really have to watch the first one to get it.

I thought the plot was actually really weak and implausible (I mean, I know it’s a kids’ movie, but still) – too much good vs evil and the humour was not even very funny. The bits with the animated marshmallows was really cute, and some of the food monster names/drawings were mashed together quite cleverly, like flamangos and kiwis. But if I could go back in time I would not have spent my sunday afternoon watching this!



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