Blue Bali

I took a little hiatus from this place because I started using a physical, pen and paper diary! It’s this really cute lime green unlined notebook from Epigram books that has a silhouette of a cactus on the front and a caption that says “I’m not prickly, I’m just sharp.”

So I’ll transcribe some entries from there to here (in case there’s a fire or something) – I just read on the company intranet that one of the teams we sent to Country X was involved in a vehicular accident – they boarded a very run-down bus that was taking them from the airport to their destination when the bus started smoking. The team had to tell the bus driver to stop the bus to inspect what was wrong (otherwise he would have kept on driving!) When the bus stopped, the smoke turned from white to black :S Everyone disembarked safely with their hand carry (so no passports needed to be replaced) but the rest of their luggage was burnt in the subsequent fire. So one never knows with hard copy things.

Last night we ate at a restaurant called Blue Bali – I really love Indonesian food, the satay and rice tables and achar and everything. The setting of the restaurant was quite otherwordly – Blue Bali is on the outskirts of the Botanic Gardens, and not accurately located on either Google Maps or Apple maps. But we trundled our way there through very badly lit paths, guided solely by our gut. Literally. There was a light drizzle, so the sky was a dark purple and all the lamps had halos around them, like in a computer game, or like the glowing circles cast by the street lamps down Ho Plaza at night.


Recommendation: Drive next time – this place really isn’t meant to be found on foot, unless you study at NUS Law, in which case you know how to cut through the magnificent courtyards of the law campus to get there.


Once you get to the restaurant, there is the option of indoor or outdoor seating. It was raining torrentially by the time we got there, perfect for an alfresco meal in a restaurant that aims to emulate the Balinese rainforest – The sound system was piping the music of trickling water in a brook, frogs croaking, cicadas humming, and there were these large old-fashioned fans set up all over the place. The tables were draped in Batiks and all the furniture was made of bamboo or woven Rattan – a very Maifen-y place (Maifen’s house is also made up like this – even her TV is draped with a batik because no one ever watches it but us!) There were stained glass mosaic lanterns and hanging tealight holders casting flickering candlelight about the restaurant – it was as if we’d stepped through a portal (like in Secret Passages, my most recent ipad obsession) that brought us directly from Singapore to Bali, the setting was that well curated. We really felt like we were having dinner at a hotel in Indonesia (of course the place was also overrun with Ang Mohs) it was such a pity that it was a Thursday night and there was still work the next day. All romanticism or holiday merry-making just kind of vanishes when one thinks of cubicular work :S

The mixed pakhora which was not as nice as New Everest Kitchen but not bad. Should have asked for more chutney though.

The BBQ-ed prawns (Japit Goreng) glazed with kecap manis and soy sauce. Awesome, especially the roasted peanuts and vegetables on the side.

Butter chicken. I like the New Everest one better as well, but then this is more of an Indonesian restaurant than anything else. The portion here is also a tad large.

The Javanese satay which is quite different from the Singaporean kind. Hope the satay on Batam is nice! The menu is terribly unspecific about what carbs come with your dish, which was why we ordered a bowl of rice on the side. In actual fact the butter chicken comes with naan and the satay comes with ketupat at the bottom of the glass. Interesting presentation for satay!



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