No ravioli

I just got a new phone! I’m very excited about it. It’s a super austere phone, that excels at its three main (possibly only) functions – calling, texting, and alarming. That’s about all I ever use a phone for, and my previous super-durable, super-unsmart nokia had a camera so I couldn’t bring it into the office! Today while walking from Enoteca (Clarke Quay) to City Hall (cause we were stuffed, and City Hall is not that far from Clarke Quay), we passed by Peninsula Plaza, more commonly known as the shopping mall for Myanmese (I think?) domestic workers (au pairs) – most of the shops specialize in Myanmese cuisine, cheap clothes, phones, shoes, Myanmese snacks, photo printing/editing, overseas calling cards, etc. and there was a phone shop there! Selling a non-camera, color-screen nokia for only $29. For reference if you go to a predominantly Singaporean neighborhood like Bishan, a black and white no-camera nokia is about $35. If you want a color screen option it’s $58. What a rip-off! Considering I got my AT&T no-camera Nokia for about US$15 and my Orange Nokia for £15. Both of which are country specific and could not be used here -_-. Now, I can bring my phone into the office, which is awesome. It even has a flashlight! I really don’t like smart phones. All that connectivity. Imagine all those people bothering you on Whatsapp! Did you know that teachers in Mingsee’s secondary school all need to have smartphones so they can discuss work on Whatsapp? What a drag! If you didn’t have a smart phone you’d conveniently just be left out of the work loop and “lose out” -_-. And I also hate that no one is specializing in producing unsmart phones anymore – like that entire demographic of phones just dropped out of the market – now anyone who wants a normal, button-y Nokia only has two models to choose from (least in Singapore), and both are ridiculously expensive. I just need a normal lose-able, discardable phone that allows me to call/text the people I want, but the phone companies have decided that that kind of hassle-free phone is not worth researching/producing/improving anymore. Now the only people in Singapore who are looking for the exact same kinda phone I’m looking for are either luddites or maids. I did feel a strange sense of solidarity with that demographic just walking into Peninsula Plaza.

Oh yes, and Enoteca took their veal ravioli off the menu! -_- We got to try their parmesan risotto though, which they specified was “served right at your table” in the menu – well where else would they serve it we wondered. Turns out the ravioli is cooked, then put in a well in a HUGE wheel of parmesan and they mix it around and then ladle it into a pasta dish. One wonders how many times they have reused that well of parmesan and how hygienic it is. I suppose it’s like a wok in a restaurant – you don’t expect them to wash it inbetween cooking your meals!

parmesan scraper

Here’s the guy scraping the parmesan into my risotto from the wheel

Parmesan risotto
The Parmesan risotto. Very flavourful, but I’d have preferred something in it to cut through the creaminess. Like asparagus, or some citrus.

Mushroom soup
They still do the best mushroom soup in Singapore. I wonder how many times you have to strain it to get it quite that velvety.

They serve a focaccia basket at the beginning of your meal. It stales rapidly and becomes kinda chewy.

And here’s what they’re known for – pizza. They’re the only establishment in Singapore that has received the VPN certification (Italy is full of all these certifying boards to make sure the quality of Italian cuisine is not being compromised worldwide. Basically full of snooty people who look down your nose at your Mac & Cheese and tell you that’s not pasta) – the Vero Pizza Napoletana – its crust is super thin and it’s baked nicely in a wood-fired oven. Now Singapore has many restaurants with wood-fired ovens but only this one has bothered to get their oven certified by snooty Italians.

Italian desserts are pretty price-y here (A slice of tiramisu averages about $14) and I think not that difficult to make, so we went to a nearby matcha cafe for some soft serve (after walking a bit around The Central of course, it was a super carb-heavy meal)

The soft serve was served in a paper cup with some cornflakes on the base – a bit too melty/icy but the matcha flavour is really strong.


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