Maria Joao Pires

I just read this remarkable story of Maria Joao Pires’ miraculous recovery from a miscommunication: She prepared a different concerto from what the orchestra she was playing with prepared, and only realized the mix-up upon the opening bars of the concerto – she then went along with what the orchestra was playing perfectly from memory, which is pretty damn amazing. Stephen Hough hedges an explanation in the Telegraph for this act of genius and significantly reduces it’s awe-factor, although her performance in the youtube video is still pretty amazing. But seriously speaking, if the concerto was not a staple piece in her repertoire this would be totally jaw dropping. And I was wondering how come she could talk to the conductor during the performance. Concerti are among the hardest pieces of anybody’s repertoire (I have not mastered a single one), they are typically long and technically demanding, which also implies that you probably can’t retain more than one or two (perfectly) in your memory. Listening to this really makes me miss concert going – I missed my last SSO season ticket concert because I was ill, and the next one is 15th November, and pretty quickly after that, 17th November, and 21st November :) I did not buy tickets for Lang Lang’s performance, cause I’ve heard mixed reviews and they were horrendously expensive. Considering how much money we have here I wish they’d bring in higher quality soloists, and while they’re at it, perhaps they could revamp the entire orchestra. Sometimes I feel like we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel vis a vis soloists.

Dinner at Enoteca tonight! I can’t wait. They do a pretty mean veal ravioli, and we haven’t been back in awhile!



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