So dinner at Jamie’s Italian was somewhat underwhelming. The most interesting part was even before dinner started – I was in line at the maitre d’s counter waiting to be assigned my seat (there was one other person at the counter in front of me) and this random guy unceremoniously walked right up to the counter and plonked himself right in front of the maitre d’, in front of me. I didn’t notice him at first because I was searching for relics in Secret Passages :P until I looked up, and I turned around to shoot liangze a wtf!? look because that man certainly wasn’t that before and I was quite horrified by his bad manners. I don’t mind giving my queue position to him, but he should at least ask politely or something. For example, if he is dying of hunger after a 90 day trek in the desert and desperately needs to be seated before me so he can receive sustenance before he dies, I would gladly let him have my spot upon request. He just walked there without so much as a by-your-leave. What I didn’t bank on was that this man had a girlfriend, who was standing next to LZ and who saw my wtf?!? look, so she embarrassedly explained to us “we have a reservation”. In a sorry-you-guys,-but-too-bad-you-didn’t-make-a-reservation way. Wow! Apparently in Singapore, it is ok to cut queues once you have a reservation because no one else would have the foresight to book online, unlike you. Everyone in line at the maitre d’s counter had a reservation, mind you. Every last one. And if we didn’t, it would have taken all of 3 seconds for the maitre d’ to tell us that the wait for a table was 30 – 45 mins long, and for us to go away. The guy was a bit on the round side, which may explain why he just couldn’t wait to be seated.

So not being one to let things go (yes, I’m too young/naive to pick my battles, and besides I have a sinking feeling that 90% of singaporeans are full of asshattery like that and are completely clueless about the fact that they are being asshats), i said “sorry?” to her. And she repeated in her part-saccharine. part-lofty, part-nauseating voice: “We have a reservation” and perhaps I was giving her a murderous look, because she got her boyfriend to try to explain to me. Because of course I couldn’t catch her sarong party girl accent. He said “we have a reservation.” and I said (very childishly) “so do we!” hahaha. It may be that someone has been reading too much Baby Sitter’s Club. And without a word of apology, Singaporeans are like that – he actually began to protest “Well ours was one minute ago, but whatever..” and reluctantly moved to the back of the queue like he was doing me a favour!

I was really stunned by the entire incident. Firstly, that someone would think he was justified in cutting the queue on account of having a reservation, secondly that he thinks people are seated in the order of the timing of their reservation and not the order of their arrival at the establishment, and thirdly that he couldn’t wait – there were TWO people in the queue. The most astonishing thing was that they thought no one else had thought to make a reservation but them. Wow. It could be that I was dressed like a student (I was wearing my college puzzle challenge shirt and berms, work casual, y’know) but it’s got to take a lot of nerve and/or a rock-bottom EQ to behave in this bovine manner.

The food was meh, I definitely would not queue 45 minutes to eat there – I’d just hop across the thoroughfare to poulet which is opposite Jamie’s for an equally good dinner. However we will give the place another shot in January, especially its cheeses, bread platter, and planks, which look really nice.

We ordered the heirloom tomato bruschetta special (which we completely forgot to photograph because we were piggies and ate it all before we even remembered that we’d brought the camera), the tuna fusilli for xingyan:

the wagyu burger for LZ,

and the crab risotto for me:

and then headed over to Max Brenner’s for desserts. The pasta texture was quite good, but I prefer creamier risottos to discrete grains of rice. Zaza’s lobster risotto beats the pants off the crab risotto here, which has a few token shreds of crabmeat, a super subtle broth base, and a sprinkling of parmesan breadcrumbs. The grissini here looks really good, but they don’t bake it in house. I think the wagyu burger was the best dish here, and also that Fabio would turn up his nose to all of the pastas here.

I wish they’d bring Modesto’s back :(
Oh goody, everyone on HungryGoWhere agrees with me



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