Grey skies and clear minds

Here’s something else I started thinking about when I was stuck in the Starbucks daydreaming

Things I’ve always (for the last decade) wished I could do:
– Learn the accordion
– Write a fiction book (in the style of Alice Munro or Julie Orringer)
– Write an interior design book (in the style of Sibella Court)
– Start performing again
– Open an art studio (with my brother?)
– Go to culinary school
– Pick up jazz piano on my own
– Fall in love again (not necessarily with a different person, lest LZ gets on my case)
– Not have to talk to a single typical, simple-minded person ever again.
– Decentralize myself to a country with cheaper land, cheaper houses, and cheaper cars (gee, where could that be?)

This list was already pruned down to things that were at least 50% feasible. Although perhaps the notion of writing a book is in part inspired by the fact that the Singapore Writers’ Festival is this weekend, and it is exactly the sort of event I would attend back in my pre-uni days if I didn’t have a LZ. Now I spose I could bring him with me but it’s just different, because lazing about at home over the weekend doing some afternoon baking and just vegging out reading books or watching Big Bang Theory is such a decent alternative to getting dressed up and going out to listen to other people’s ideas.

Perhaps if I break down the list to be settled in 5 year chunks it would be more manageable. It’s hard to plan long term now because our college apps are pending and everything and we don’t know where we will be at this time next year, which is slightly scary. Many (young) singaporeans like to create 5 year plans (yes, like China’s 五年计划) for really major life events – e.g. getting married by 25, having children by 30. I’m not kidding you. I’ve always thought such plans were totally stupid. You don’t set a deadline on marriage or for having children – one may as well run on autopilot! I am of the opinion that things like marriage or children happen to you – sure, you plan for them – but they only happen when you are ready, not because in a spate of caprice you randomly designed a completely arbitrary timeline for them. Recently someone even posted a list of the things she had accomplished so far on fb – “Got married before age 25, as planned. Had 2 children before age 30, as planned.” Such complete self-absorption makes me nauseous.

It’s good to do an overhaul every once in awhile to remember the things you find purposeful and re-orient your life to work towards them before they turn into dusty phantoms in the museum of unfulfilled dreams.



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