Rainy days and Wednesdays

The nicest place to be on rainy weekday afternoons, is to be trapped in a Starbucks without an umbrella. You can’t return to the office, so you’re forced to plop yourself into a velvet upholstered couch and order yourself a nice hot drink while reading your kindle (or the wide range of not-entirely-trashy magazines they provide)

I stared out the window a lot, to decide if it was still raining and to daydream. The glass façade of Starbucks is perfect for people watching – seeing people scurry like ants to their office buildings without an umbrella, seeing people disembark from the bus and run for shelter, or watching other patrons in the alfresco area sipping their coffee waiting for the rain to stop like me.

It was my lunch break, so there was no hurry to leave. It feels funny/depressing to grab at whatever shreds of freedom you have at work, sort of like you’re confirming, even embracing, your indentured status. It’s not that I can’t take breaks during working hours either, just that my lunch break is the time I feel least guilty about daydreaming.

There is a barista in this Starbucks who likes to flirt with the ang moh chaps, and there are plenty of them who like to frequent the Starbucks in the Science Park because of all the foreign companies who set up shop here (Reuters,Tuv Sud,…). They all seem to have running jokes with her. I can’t tell if she’s Indian or if she’s black – she speaks with a sort of malay/indian accent and has skin the color of roasted coffee beans – can being around coffee fumes all day rub off on you? Her hair is frizzy and poofy, and she usually wears an orchid in it and uses metallic eyeshadow which works perfectly on her skin tone. Very glamorous.

When I wasn’t one with the couch reading my children’s fiction (The Babysitter’s Club is on the menu for these few weeks – I’ve downloaded the entire series from bookfi.org), I was redreaming a dream I had last night that was so relaxing and joyful at the same time, sort of like being on valium, but better.

How can one resume the dreams they were dreaming?



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