We caught Gravity in the Imax last night – it was pretty cool! There were only two main actors in the whole show, and George Clooney dropped out halfway. The Imax was really really soundless in the vacuum parts of the movie where they were floating through space – and the movie was SO terrifying we barely touched our popcorn (we also brought in a burger and some fries for dinner, and green tea financiers (a weakness of mine) and a croissant from Maison Kayser, which we didn’t touch).So the last time I went to Lido (where the Shaw Imax is) was nearly a decade ago – they used to have a row of fast food restaurants along the top circle (Shaw Center is shaped like a cylinder) – McDonalds, KFC, Long John Silver’s, etc. Even though I haven’t been back, I was pretty sure all those fast food restaurants weren’t there anymore – and I was right. Shaw had replaced them with Canele, some Cinema restaurant, and a pizza/nugget joint: basically every single place there took >15 minutes to prepare dinner for us, which is NOT ideal considering the movie started at 7:30pm and we only reached the theatre at 7.10. LZ queued for the tickets (his cousin gave him a voucher to the Imax, which is freaking expensive btw, for just a bigger screen, about $22 per ticket) while I went to forage for food. I feel like the Shaw Centre cinema is a cinema for students (cause I used to go there in RGS) so have no idea why they would want to replace the fast food shops with all these posher places. It’s like a school cinema! Anyway back to the soundless thing – I think many people were not very comfortable chomping on their popcorn when it would detract from the feeling of weightlessness and soundlessness the movie is going for – so our box of popcorn was full at the end of the movie. It seemed like a bit of a waste to toss it, which is why I have a tupperware of popcorn for tea in my cubicle today :) I think I prefer GV’s sweet popcorn to Shaw’s, which has a funny not-real-butter taste. I never order salty popcorn if I can help it – tastes like styrofoam. At least with caramel popcorn you can be assured of some pieces coated with a nice shiny sugary varnish giving a creme brulee style crunch. I have not found caramel popcorn in any American cinema. Some of the old ladies at Tab used to pop it themselves though with sugar and butter so I always think of it as a grandmotherly snack.

Linmin took us to Morganfield’s today for lunch (to treat liangze for his birthday. I already kind of leeched on two other of his birthday treats, one with his parents and one with szeling :P which is why it feels like my birthday too). Photos will come later! So Morganfield’s has a complimentary birthday brownie for patrons who dine there in their birthday month – it’s this very moist, tender brownie with a gigantic scoop of vanila ice cream with caramel and fudge drizzled on top!

It was delicious, and big enough for all 3 of us to share. Typically when we dine at Morganfield’s we do not have space for dessert because their portions are freaking huge. Their lunch sets dial it down to a manageable amount, which was why we asked for the brownie.

As far as I know most singaporean restaurants do not comp any desserts for celebrating your birthday there, except Morganfield’s and Swensens (where I think you get the Firehouse Birthday sundae or something like that), whereas nearly every American restaurant has a birthday special, either a scoop of ice cream, or a birthday discount, etc. It’s nice when people make a fuss :)



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