Saturday brunch

Crepes were on the menu this saturday because Gracia has been auditing one of the dairy conglomerates all the way out near the fisheries at Jurong Port and apparently they have a warehouse sale from 3pm – 5pm on wednesday and friday so she managed to buy some gruyere for cheap there! And liangze just brought back a nice fat can of William Sonoma’s crepe mix, so we made a batch of crepes a la Boatyard Grill, complete with portabellos, cremini, and shiitake mushrooms and switched the fontina cheese for gruyere.


It was quite good, although I think some balsamic vinegar in my mushroom mix would have made it better, and perhaps using actual fontina cheese which isn’t really widely available here.


Still, the gruyere melted beautifully and the crepes were really nice with the rocket/spinach/apple mix.
We made some dessert crepes a la mode after also with nutella and banana:
No pics because it didn’t look all that pretty when I cut it open.
I didn’t have a chance to use my crepe hammer because the batter solidified almost instantly upon hitting the pan. None of them stuck, only after one coat of PAM in the beginning!


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