Cryptogram Digest

Always nice to find a compassionate post by people whose intelligence is so high as to be off the charts. It is rare to find somebody smart who sympathizes with your average joe, instead of calling him an idiot (or himself, a genius). It’s too easy to call people idiots, and while plenty of those exist, there is no pride to be had in knowing things first.

And while I am against Google (and other large internet corporations) culling metadata indiscriminately, if they’ve already got my data, they should use it for good instead of evil and come up with a Google Assistant or something that can tell me things that I need to do or where I need to be before I even know it. Like if I have Alzheimer’s or have too many appointments to keep track of I should like to be able to query an oracle who will tell me where I should be at any one time, when it’s time to pay my bills, etc. If I make yearly trips to and from the states or wherever it could monitor ticket prices for me through the year and tell me when to purchase my plane tickets, it could tell me when I need to transfer $ to my parents, when any of my bank accounts is running low, when I need to get my teeth checked, etc. maybe it could even extrapolate things I haven’t experienced based on everyone else’s metadata (after inputting some parameters of course), like when I am most likely to get married, etc.

I think life would be a lot easier with all of these major decisions out of the way.



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