Conniving II

Here are the other ideas I had brainstormed while deciding on where to take him on his birthday-

the Intertidal walk at Pulau Semakau

Biking at Pulau Ubin (i’m really interested in exploring our coastal islands and their diverse wildlife) – this kind of takes the whole day though and we had a reservation at Jumbo in the afternoon. The last time I went was.. possibly for OBS. I think I’ve gone biking there with some RGS girls maybe 4 years back but that seems a bit out of character haha.

Birdwatching at Chinese Garden (I’ve actually never been to the Chinese Garden despite taking the train past it now and then when I have to go to NTU) and zhenxi says there are nice birds there. It also looks like a really quaint (chee-na) sort of park.

Swimming at Sentosa (only now we don’t have Michelle to watch our personal items for us)

Going to the art museum and eating ice creams while walking along North Bridge Road

Watching Gravity in 3D at the Imax (his cousin gave us tickets!) (feels like it’s my birthday too :P) The other present he got from his other cousin is an apron with all the conversions from fahrenheit to celsius, gram to ounce, the measures of how much dry spaghetti to cook per person, how to tell whether your steak is well done or rare, and all sorts of other cooking information since he’s the sous chef and now he doesn’t have to keep looking things up on the ipad when I ask him what 375°F is in Celsius. :D Apparently to tell when steak is done, you pinch your index finger to your thumb to make the OK sign and press the muscle at the base of the thumb. It should exert the same amount of pressure as when you poke your steak, which is rare. Now switch the index finger to the middle finger, then ring finger, and little finger, and the elasticity of your thumb muscle should decrease, ending with well-done (very taut) when your thumb is pinched with your little finger.

Perhaps we’ll do those hiking-y things on another weekend. I did send an email to RMBR to enquire about when they will be conducting their next intertidal walk (you can’t go without a guide) but have not received a reply. The thing about going to P. Ubin etc. is that you have to wake up mad early to be there at low tide, and then you have to take a bus right to the tip where you can take a bumboat. At least the boat only costs something like $2.

I’m really glad we got to visit the marshmallow tree though. There is a long list of cafes I want to try but haven’t had the chance to yet.

We had lunch today at Pho Hoa in Holland V (no pics cause lz forgot to bring the camera) with szeling because she wanted to treat liangze for his birthday. The pho is not bad but I think the menu lacks variety and believe it or not, I prefer Saigon Kitchen and their fried calamari and black bean flounder! :P Even the vietnamese coffee at Saigon Kitchen is better, or it could be that I’m so used to kopitiam coffee here that Vietnamese coffee has no novelty. The science park shuttle bus to Holland V for lunch took a really long time to come (or didn’t come at all, I didn’t wait to see) – it’s supposed to go to Holland V at 10 minute intervals starting from 11.45 all the way to 12.35 according to this schedule. I was down at the bus stop before 12pm and waited until nearly 12.15pm along with a whole crowd of people before finally deciding on taking a public bus and then switching to the train. This made me nearly half an hour late and they went ahead and ordered without me! My phone was with liangze though (I seldom bring it to work cause it’s got a camera and do you know, a non-camera, non-smart nokia that’s black and white costs $30 here.) so I couldn’t call Ascendas to find out what was going on.



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