LZ tried out the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker and reports that it works well! I’m pretty excited about my breakfasts now that I basically bought the one piece of equipment that renders mcdonald’s breakfasts obsolete. The only challenge is finding cooked sausage meat in singapore. Liangze says: “very easy to use! although i left the first one for too long, and the cheese basically liquidated and flowed all over the place”
Lol. Then I asked him how much money the cheese was liquidated for.
Is it mean to tease people with bad english? I think I do it more to him because I have to keep my nazi instincts hidden at work, which is a real challenge for me. I once went to a presentation at work when the presenter said “to regurgitate,” when he/she meant “to reiterate”. NO ONE NOTICED.

Also, I saw a 16oz slab of velveeta cheese at Jason’s supermarket yesterday for $15.30. Liangze found that Walmart carries it for $4. So if I actually bought that slab of velveeta in Jason’s, I would have to pay more than what the skillet queso costs in Chili’s. Gosh. I also shipped the rose syrup and essence to him in the end because it seems quite difficult to find it in a typical supermarket (definitely not at Target or anything). Is it weird that I am more excited to see the shopping than him? hahaha.


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