Things you never knew you needed till they’re gone

Since he’s on conference this week in Minnesota (CZH is there too presenting two papers, apparently. But liangze missed both of his presentations) I gave him a pretty long list of things to buy for me which shall be kept here as a record so we don’t have to make new lists everytime one of us goes to the states and he can just search this blog for anything he’s missed out :P Many of the things on the list can be found here, but at a much higher price.

1. Ghirardelli baking chocolate, 3 bars of semi sweet 4oz,3 bars of unsweetened 4oz

2. 1 can of Hormel (no beans) chilli

3. 1 box of 16oz Kraft Velveeta cheese (2. and 3. are for making Chilli’s Skillet Queso)

4. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (Mint and passionfruit)

5. 2 cans of PAM cooking non-stick spray. (Sidenote: PAM stands for Product of Arthur Meyerhoff) for getting my matcha/chocolate bundt out of the pan. Bundt pans are notorious ridged in various pretty patterns but are a royal pain to get out of the pan. And PAM in Cold Storage is freaking $12.

6. Scrapbooking paper from A.C.Moore (another ridiculously overpriced product in Singapore)

7. 2 Quince aromatherapy diffusers from Pottery Barn (some other people will remember buying this for me from Carousel Mall :P) These were $19 a box which I thought was the usual price until you walk into Isetan at Takashimaya and they have sales people specifically for marketing their $100++ bottles of aromatherapy diffusers. Most of them are foreign and will ask you if you want to buy the “Ion smell” in a filipina? accent. Liangze and I were really confused as to what they meant when they explained that they meant the scent in Orchard Ion. -_- I had no idea it had a scent. I really like the Charles and Keith scent, which is rare because it’s a shoe store, but Ion doesn’t really have a super outstanding scent. The salesperson said many people come to them to find it though!

8. A medium sized tin of crepe mix from Williams Sonoma ($10.99). Armed with the PAM and the block of Monterey Jack cheese I have sitting at home we could make some really good crepes a la Boatyard Grill.

9. Sweet pea fragrance mist and body butter from Bath and Body Works

10. $5 flip flops from Old Navy (I used one pair through 4 years of college and they never spoiled)

11. Monin Rose Syrup and Star Kay White Rose Extract from any decently stocked supermarket (This is just for baking Pierre Herme’s Ispahan cake)

I also had a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker and a Braille slate sent to where he’s staying in Owatonna with his cousins. The Braille slate is just for writing labels for my baked goods for when I’m sending a batch over to Szeling – if you’ve never seen one before it’s basically a plastic frame with rows of indented dots occuring in 2×3 blocks – it comes with a stylus. You clamp the paper in the plastic frame and poke out letters, remembering to do the mirror image because the visually impaired person in question will be feeling the dots on the other side of the paper. It’s not exactly the kind of thing you can find here :S



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