Drama Daze

spent the weekend in a drama haze and am extremely sleep deprived now. I lost both LZ and the ipad on saturday (he flew off in the morning). I think I spend more time with the ipad than with liangze, which is why it sucks that he’s gone AND so is the ipad. I very nobly offered my ipad for him to take on his trip in case he gets lost and stuff. I think having a tablet is really convenient/essential for travel especially in unknown places. Not that he can use it on the commute cause he’ll be driving himself to the conference (INFORMS) instead of taking a train or bus or something. Maybe we each need one :P I have the kindle, at least.

I watched the entire Story of a Bright Girl (a pretty awful korean drama) where the girl is decidedly NOT bright and far too chirpy for my taste. The lead guy is also unjustifiably angry at everyone and everything and their reactions to things are so single faceted/knee-jerk it’s unbelievable. But you know how addictive even bad dramas can be, so I just kept watching till 6am on Sunday and then till 1am on Monday. Crazy! It’s only 16 episodes, but each episode is an hour long. So if you want a more bite sized Tv series you shld go for anime, which are usually only 20 minutes long even though they have many more episodes. The only reason I picked this up (there was no one famous/good-looking in the show that I could see) was that I thought it was about a nerdy girl and her relationship with a random guy, which I thought would be quite interesting, and the set of 8 DVDs was $7 so.

The non-drama watching hours on Sunday were spent baking durian puffs! I have no good photos because I also packed the camera off with liangze (one of the shortcomings of co-owning things). Half the choux puffs from Dorie Greenspan’s recipe were well-risen and really pretty, but because I baked two trays at the same time the bottom tray did not get enough heat and were super flat. The durian filling was also a bit wanting because I went for cheaper durians in the morning at chong pang – most of the flesh was stiff and hence unuseable in a puree! Durian buying protip: Go at night instead of in the morning and choose the wrinkliest ones in styrofoam clamshells (ensures thinner skin encasing the mushy part that you actually use for baking.) We took some photos with my mum’s camera and I’ll upload those when I get the time.

Things I learnt over the weekend
1. Spies in korean culture are not known as ‘moles’, like in English, but as ‘bats’.
2. Hyunbin is cuter than every other Korean actor in the history of time and I miss watching his dramas. He’s out of the army already but I think he’s doing a period drama instead of another nice romcom.
3. Koreans really like baseball.



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